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Disputes in your business or personal life are stressful and frustrating. You know they must be dealt with quickly because, if left, they can become even more protracted and costly. Our dispute resolution solicitors find workable solutions to minimise the impact on you or your business.

Dispute resolution services for every situation

Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors are some of the most experienced in the field. They work for businesses and individuals to resolve disputes through proactive intervention, including negotiation, mediation and court action if needed.

We’ve successfully intervened in multi-million pound international disputes and have particular expertise and experience of working for SMEs and owner-managed businesses.

We can offer you dispute resolution services in the following areas:

  • Getting paid
    The current economic climate makes recovering debts owed to your business more important than ever. However efficient your credit and collection systems are, sometimes you’ll need help to get what you’re owed. Find out more.
  • Directors’ obligations
    Our dispute resolution solicitors have many years of experience in helping company directors who may face a claim or dispute relating to their duties and responsibilities. Find out more.
  • Business owners and internal disputes
    Our team has extensive experience of dealing with issues from shareholder disagreements to partnership disputes and post-sale problems. Negotiation can often resolve any issues without the need to resort to a full-blown court case. Find out more.
  • Complaints against professionals
    If you believe that a professional advisor has been negligent, we can explain what your options are, what the likely costs will be and how your interests can be best protected. Find out more.
  • Intellectual property and IT
    You may be looking to protect your intellectual property, license your technology or resolve an IP or IT dispute. Whatever your needs, our team of specialists can deliver the results you’re looking for. Find out more.
  • Business recovery and insolvency
    The toughest trading conditions in more than a generation are causing many businesses to struggle. Our business recovery specialists will work with you, your bank and your accountants to achieve a workable solution. Or, if insolvency is the only option, we can help every step of the way. Find out more.
  • Protecting your business
    There are as many threats to your business as there are ways to counter them. Our dispute resolution solicitors can help you deal with everything from employee restrictions and confidentiality obligations to contract disputes. Find out more.
  • Mediation
    Our accredited mediators can help you resolve your dispute so that you can get on with running your business. Find out more.

Funding your claim will of course be a significant factor in deciding whether to go ahead with any legal action. Our experienced dispute resolution solicitors can help you to find the most suitable solution. Find out more.

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Chris is a first class operator and my immediate port of call when seeking legal advice. I trust Chris as he is knowledgeable in his area of expertise and is superb at managing expectation and communicating my requirements to his colleagues at Royds Withy King. As a SME business owner I rely on professionals like Chris and he has never let me down.

Steve Barnes, SJC Consulting Ltd

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