The Ahead of the Curve podcast

Take a listen to our Ahead of the Curve podcast for views on legal issues and other grey matters from leading experts and experienced solicitors from our firm.

Our first episode is on the subject of drone law, where we talk to Philip Banks-Welsh (of our drones legal advice team) about how he sees the law at the moment, where he thinks it should go, and what this means for the general public.

Next up, in time for Road Safety Week, we spoke to Mark Hambleton (of our cycling accidents team) about his view on cycling helmets and making them compulsory in the UK – an issue which he has previously raised in our Ahead of the Curve magazine.

We’ve spoken to Peter Foskett and Sarah Taylor from our property teams about leaseholds, with an appearance from Harry Scoffin, an expert in leasehold.

We have also previously spoken to Julian Harriss, an expert in brain injury rehabilitation. We talked to him about the state of rehabilitation in the UK and ways of approaching this complicated issue.

For Mental Health Awareness Week, and during lockdown, we spoke to Paralympian and Commonwealth Gold Medallist Katrina Hart, who is sponsored by our Medical Negligence team, about how she is keeping mentally and physically healthy whilst isolating.

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