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Episode 20. Retail Reboot – Getting creative on the high street

Following the release of our Retail Reboot report in October – we are joined by experts in retail to talk about how retailers can get creative on the high street in the future, and how they might already be doing it.

Thanks to our guests:

  • Mark Pilkington, Author, “Retail Recovery: How Creative Retailers Are Winning in their Post-Apocalyptic World”
  • Tim Sharp, Global Director of Store Design & Construction, AllSaints
  • Jonathan De Mello, Partner, CWM Retail Consulting
  • Vicky Hernandez, Retail & Real Estate Partner, Royds Withy King

Episode 19. The Cookiepocalypse!

We’re joined again by Carl Selby and Charlotte Ebbutt as they continue their Ad Tech explainers – this time looking at the impact of the ‘Cookiepocalypse’. Don’t worry, it’s not a baked-goods shortage, but it could have a serious impact upon the way internet advertising works…

Episode 18. Privacy wars – Apple’s crusade for web privacy

We’re joined on the podcast by Carl Selby and Charlotte Ebbutt, both legal experts in the Technology sector, to talk about how Apple’s recent changes to the way tracking works on their devices could impact upon digital advertising, and how advertisers can stay ahead.

Episode 17. Finding the right support after stillbirth

Following her team’s #WhatAboutMum campaign, which highlighted the gaps in support for women in and around maternity, Hannah Blackwell from our maternal injury team talks about what people need to know about stillbirth support.

Episode 16. How was spinal injury rehab affected by COVID-19?

We spoke to two representatives from the Spinal Injuries Association, Carol Barraclough and Chris Etches, about their professional and personal experiences of the impact COVID-19 had on SCI rehab.

Episode 15. What employers need to know about COVID vaccines

On this episode we were joined by Tim Gofton, a Senior Associate in our Employment team, to talk about the issues that employers may face around COVID-19 vaccines.

(Bonus episode) What you need to know about aortic stenosis with Dr Colin Doig

Joachim Stanley and Divya Anand speak to Dr Colin Doig, a consultant and expert in a range of cardiological conditions, about what you need to know about aortic stenosis.

Episode 14. How has COVID-19 changed diversification in the rural economy?

COVID-19 has meant a lot of change to our daily lives, and agri-business has not been immune to this. As society adapts to the ‘new normal’, how can landowners take advantage of our new ways of living through diversification, and what might they need to consider as they do so?

Episode 13. Katrina Hart talks balancing work and sport in lockdown and beyond

Katrina Hart, Commonwealth Gold Medallist and Paralympian, spoke to our podcast about how she balances work and training as a sprinter as well as how she manages this with cerebral palsy. We also spoke with Abigail Ringer, a birth injury specialist from our medical negligence team, about the options available to people who are living with cerebral palsy and any disability who want to get more active.

Episode 12. How will the latest Budget really affect your taxes?

Rod Smith and Amish Patel, both specialists in tax planning in our Private Client team, discuss the real-world implications of Rishi Sunak’s latest Budget.

Episode 11. How Oxwash are leading the way in the eco-laundry business

David Lane from our Real Estate team recently spoke with Tom De Wilton from Oxwash, a growing eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning business, about how they got started, where they’re going, how they’ve had to adapt with COVID, and more.

Episode 10. When living with an injury, how is your mental health affected?

For Time to Talk Day, we spoke to two guests about their experiences with mental health after a life-changing injury.

Episode 9. Black Friday 2020 – a watershed moment for digital retail?

We spoke to Vicky Hernandez, a specialist in our retail team, about what she expected us to see from Black Friday 2020; a potential watershed moment for digital retail.

Episode 8. #StopThePressure – what you need to know about pressure sores

For #StopThePressure day, an awareness day on pressure sores, our podcast spoke to case managers Annabelle Lofthouse and Catrin May from Breakthrough Case Management, as well as our own experts Stuart Brazington and Simon Elliman, on how pressure sores can be managed and why it’s important to do so vigilantly.

(Bonus Episode) Talking Lease Renewals: Section 26 requests, and Grounds of Opposition under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954

Jasmine Mahboobani, a solicitor in our Property Disputes team, and Elizabeth Dwomoh, a barrister from Lamb Chambers, discuss lease renewals. Specifically: section 26 requests and the Grounds of Opposition under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Episode 7. How does memory loss affect people after brain injury?

As part of ABI Week 2020, and for Headway’s ‘Memory Loss: A Campaign To Remember’, we spoke to representatives from Headway E London and Headway Oxfordshire, to find our more about how memory loss affects people’s lives after brain injury.

(Bonus Episode) Turnover rents – what landlords and retailers need to know

On October 2020’s rent payment day, we released this replay of a webinar on turnover rent agreements with retail and real estate specialists Bharat Nahar and Vicky Hernandez.

Episode 6. Cauda equina syndrome – what you need to know in 2020

Ahead of the Cauda Equina Syndrome Association (CESA)‘s first awareness day on 1 October 2020, we spoke to Victoria Main – a Trustee and Peer Support Champion at CESA – and Simon Elliman from our Medical Negligence team about the impact of COVID-19 on those with the condition.

Episode 5. Talking to Katrina Hart about mental and physical health in lockdown

For Mental Health Awareness Week, and during lockdown, we spoke to Paralympian and Commonwealth Gold Medallist Katrina Hart, who is sponsored by our Medical Negligence team, about how she is keeping mentally and physically healthy whilst isolating.

Episode 4. How does brain injury rehab work in the UK?

We have also previously spoken to Julian Harriss, an expert in brain injury rehabilitation. We talked to him about the state of rehabilitation in the UK and ways of approaching this complicated issue.

Episode 3. Leasehold: polish or abolish?

We’ve spoken to Peter Foskett and Sarah Taylor from our property teams about leaseholds, with an appearance from Harry Scoffin, an expert in leasehold.

Episode 2. Mark Hambleton: Should bike helmets be made compulsory in the UK?

Next up, in time for Road Safety Week 2018, we spoke to Mark Hambleton (of our cycling accidents team) about his view on cycling helmets and making them compulsory in the UK – an issue which he has previously raised in our Ahead of the Curve magazine.

Episode 1. Philip Banks-Welsh on drone law

Our first episode was on the subject of drone law, where we talk to Philip Banks-Welsh (of our drones legal advice team) about how he sees the law at the moment, where he thinks it should go, and what this means for the general public.

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