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Expert estate planning solicitors to help secure your wealth

‘Our estate planning specialists can explore the routes that best suit your immediate and future needs’

Passing an estate on to future generations is never simple. However, with careful planning and innovative thinking, our estate planning solicitors can help you to preserve more of your wealth for your dependants. It means you can enable them to enjoy the peace of mind that financial security brings.

Making tax on trusts and other financial strategies work harder for you

Whatever your stage of life, and however you plan to manage your estate, we can put in place strategies to suit your immediate and future needs. It means you’ll not only be maximising the value of your estate, but also only pay what’s necessary in income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Areas we can explore together include:

  • Estate planning
    Our estate planning solicitors can explore the combination of routes that’s best for you and future generations. These might include financial products (such as life insurance), strategic giving and discounted gifts, plus the use of business and agricultural property reliefs, and offshore and onshore trusts.
  • Tax and trusts
    Trusts are more than just a tax efficient way of protecting assets for the next generation. They also provide welcome protection for under age or vulnerable beneficiaries. We can help you set up and manage effective trust structures, providing you with the benefits of reduced tax on trusts and peace of mind, without the burden of trust management.
  • Tax planning and compliance
    Our dedicated team acts for individuals, trusts and small businesses who want to make sure they’re getting all the tax breaks to which they’re entitled. We can also handle tax compliance administration so you meet tax payments and submission deadlines as a matter of course.
  • Trust compliance and FATCA
    Many people use trusts to safeguard their wealth and provide for future generations in a controlled way. The world of tax compliance for trusts is undergoing a significant transformation following the introduction of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance ACT (FATCA). All trustees must consider this act. Find out more.

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