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Legal advice on paying for care

Britain is an ageing nation, with more than 10 million people now aged over 65. This means that increasing numbers of families are having to consider the costs of paying for care at a nursing or residential home.

The rules which determine how care is funded are notoriously complicated. If your assets exceed £23,250 you will normally be required to pay the fees in full, but some people will be entitled to continuing healthcare from the NHS or may be eligible for funding under other schemes.

Seeking legal advice at an early stage is important, particularly if you are unsure if your local authority (social services) has applied the financial assessment rules correctly.  At Royds Withy King, our Private Client team will be able to advise individuals about the funding arrangements, to ensure that they are not paying more than they need to or are selling their home unnecessarily.

Our team of solicitors can also advise on

  • NHS funding
  • Deprivation of capital rules – the reduction of your assets by spending, gifts or certain types of investments
  • Alternative funding options, such as deferred payment agreements
  • Top-up fees
  • Out-of-area placements
  • Retrospective review of care fees.

You can also use the BBC’s Care Calculator to estimate how much you or a loved one is likely to pay.

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