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Living abroad advice for genuine peace of mind

If you choose to live abroad as an UK expat it can be very rewarding, but it always pays to keep a close eye on your financial affairs ‘back home’. Your tax position in the UK depends upon your residence and domicile status and can be complicated – so it’s always worth seeking expert living abroad advice.

The expertise to strengthen your financial position

It’s clear you won’t want to pay more tax than you need to, so our tax specialists are there to offer you extensive advice at every stage. We can provide you with innovative solutions that protect your UK assets and investments through overseas holding structures.

  • Reducing tax liabilities
    If you have tax liabilities associated with offshore trust and/or company structures, our expert team can advise on how to reduce them effectively. You could rearrange these structures and participate in disclosure or amnesty facilities for accounts or trusts set up under tax regimes in, for instance, Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • Cross border advice
    You also can take advantage of our well-established relationships with European law firms. These are experienced in providing living abroad advice, including overseas property investment.

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