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Estate planning advice that’s finely tuned and flexible

‘Throughout your life your priorities will change. We can help you plan your estate accordingly’

Nothing comes easy in life – least of all managing wealth. With that in mind, you’ll be keen to pass on your hard won assets as intact as possible to provide security for future generations. You’ll need estate planning advice that can adapt to changing circumstances, such as those caused by new or changing relationships, the arrival of children, future financial needs, pending retirement or issues surrounding advancing age.

A tailored wealth protection service

For wealth protection and estate planning advice to be effective, it involves coordinating several separate elements. Our specialists in these areas will ensure that these dovetail seamlessly to create a tax efficient plan for managing your wealth both now and in the future.

Our wealth protection services can include:

  • Tax, trusts and estate planning
    Our estate planning advice means you’ll not only maximise the value of your estate, but also only pay what’s necessary in income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax. Find out more.
  • Residency and domicile
    We can provide you with innovative wealth protection solutions that look after your UK assets and investments through overseas holding structures. Find out more.

Contact us now to find out how our specialists can help you find the most effective ways to preserve your assets for future generations.

James McNeile has continued to offer me expert legal and tax advice in many areas of my personal affairs. He is both expert and punctilious.

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