Property rights are often taken for granted

‘It can come as a shock to discover that someone has rights over your land – especially if they are not in your property deeds’

You might not think about your property rights until they are put at risk – or until you try to put your property to a new use and a neighbour objects. Can you stop them from claiming rights? If not, how can you limit the impact and protect the value of your property?

Clarifying your rights over land

Taking early action about rights over land is always the right move. Rights are often granted in the property deeds and we’ll explain what each one means without the legalese. If a right has been used for a long time you may be legally able to use it even if there’s nothing in writing.

Whether you have a right over your neighbour’s land or the other way round (known as an easement), you’ll want the legal status confirmed. We’ll let you know all your options, and provide decisive tactical guidance to protect your property rights.

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We would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave in dealing with our Right of way dispute. Your intervention was highly effective.
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