Management company problems need sensitive handling

‘If your management company is not doing their job properly it can affect the value of your property’

Most landlords or management companies have good relationships with their flat owners or residential tenants. But if you’re having management company problems, then you’ll want to try to improve things. After all, if they neglect their duties, it can affect the value of your property.

Help with service charge disputes and more

The last thing you want is uncertainty about where you stand if the management company or landlord isn’t pulling their weight. Common problems include neglecting to:

  • Insure, repair and maintain the common areas and structure of the building
  • Police any unruly neighbours
  • Spend the service or estate charges efficiently.

The earlier you tackle any problems the easier it should be to find a solution. If action becomes necessary, we’ll guide you through all your options. Whatever you decide to do to resolve your landlord or management company problems, we’ll tailor our response to your needs and budget.

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