Protecting your rights in property disputes

‘Relationships between landlords and tenants or between landowners usually run smoothly. We’re here for when things go wrong’

You might be a landowner who can’t come to an agreement with a neighbour about your property. Maybe you’re a landlord with a difficult tenant, or vice versa. Whichever, these types of property disputes can drag on and on. At Royds Withy King we have the experience to bring them to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.

Expert property dispute solicitors on your side

As a landlord, you’ll want a resolution to your dispute fast, so that it doesn’t affect your income. As a tenant you’ll want to know that your rights are being looked after. And as a landowner, you’ll want to be able to enjoy your land and rights without interference. Our property dispute solicitors can help you with all this through a range of services.

  • Residential landlords
    Problems with tenants can not only be disruptive; they can threaten your future income. Understanding your options and taking early action can mean the difference between success and failure. Find out more.
  • Residential tenants and flat owners
    From having difficulties with your management company, to negotiating a new lease, we can provide the expertise you need for a swift and effective resolution. Find out more.
  • Problems with your property
    Whether it’s your home or your business premises your property is likely to be a significant asset. We can help you preserve and protect it against legal claims by others. Find out more.

Our focus is always to achieve a cost-effective solution to property disputes to protect you and/or your business and minimise any future risk.

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