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If your relationship changes, for instance if you marry or become divorced, you may find that your legal affairs need to change too. We can help with the transfer of equity process.

Transferring equity to suit your circumstances

As transfer of equity solicitors, we have a wealth of experience in changing property ownership to reflect a change in someone’s cirumstances. You can count on us to make the transfer of equity process smooth and straightforward.

  • A share of the property
    If you decide to move in with your partner or marry, you may want to make sure that you both jointly own your home. Alternatively if you are getting divorced, you might want to make sure the property is just under your name. Either way, a transfer of equity can help. It often involves remortgaging, for instance to find a better mortgage deal or to buy out the other owner.
  • Giving someone a property
    You can also use the transfer of equity process to give someone a property that is currently in your name. This could help reduce your Inheritance Tax burden. As transfer of equity solicitors, we can advise you on the best option for you.
  • A fully rounded solution
    Once you have transferred equity, you mustn’t forget to take care of all the other details too. For instance, you’ll have to make sure that your Will now reflects the change in equity. At Royds Withy King, we aren’t just transfer of equity solicitors but can offer you a wide range of legal services to make sure all the details are covered.

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