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If you’re dealing with the death of a relative it goes without saying that it will be a difficult time. Even though you may be grieving for a loved one, you will have to deal with a lot of practical issues such as probate property. We can make sure that selling the family home isn’t a burden you have to worry about.

A legal team to deal with probate property

A death in the family means dealing with the estate and perhaps having to make decisions about a property. As expert probate solicitors, we can help you deal with the property issues and can explain all the options to you.

  • Transferring or selling a property
    Once you have received a grant of Probate, our probate solicitors will help you transfer a property to a beneficiary or arrange for it to be sold, either privately or via an auction.
  • Advice going beyond probate property
    Having the support of a legal team can help you not just with a property, but with other issues such as tax planning and estate administration. We can help you assess your Inheritance Tax burden, and have the expertise to deal with the most complex of estates. With Royds Withy King, you can be sure that every decision is in your best interests and tax-efficient too.

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