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How much will my conveyancing cost?

There can be many uncertainties when buying and selling a home, but we believe that your conveyancing costs should not be one of them. That is why we have developed our conveyancing estimator, to give you a clear and transparent view of how much your conveyancing is likely to cost, and what work it includes.

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Which lawyer will be carrying out my conveyancing?

If you choose to use Royds Withy King to carry out your conveyancing you will be given your very own, dedicated contact. We will try to ensure that this person is in a location that is convenient for you, and will be available if you have any questions. Below you can see our heads of departmental offices. It is very likely that one of these people shall be either responsible for, or supervising your conveyancing.

Andrew Chalk, Partner

Andrew is head of our Residential Property, Farms and Estates team. He has a great deal of experience in dealing with high value estates, and property transactions.

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Angus Williams, Partner

Angus heads up the Residential Property team in Bath. He believes that establishing strong working relationships with his clients is the key to mutual understanding.

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Zainab Dakhil, Partner

Zainab is head of the Residential Property team in London and specialises in all aspect of residential property transactions.

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Anne Battson, Partner

Anne is a partner in the Residential Property team based in the Oxford office. She has over 25 years experience of dealing with all aspects of residential property including house sales and purchases....

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Ronald Peet, Partner

Ronald is head of the Residential property team in Oxford. He has over 25 years experience of dealing in all aspects of residential property and conveyancing.

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Robert Collins, Partner

Robert is head of the Residential team in Marlborough which provides property advice to clients across the South of England and Wales. He has over 25 years of experience.

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How long can I expect my conveyancing to take?

There is not a set time frame for the completion of a property sale or purchase. Unsurprisingly it can be accelerated or slowed down by many factors that you are unable to control. Common things that can slow down a sale is being a part of a long chain of other sellers, or if a property is going through probate, after the owner has passed away. When we carry out your conveyancing we will always:

  • Ask you what sort of time scales you want to move to, we can then discuss how we can help to make this possible
  • regularly update you on progress to give you clear expectations
  • let you know what you need to do next and how we can help you achieve it
  • agree in advance a completion target date

What are the key stages of conveyancing that your estimate includes?

Our fee estimate is based on the work involved in a standard transaction of a registered title. It includes the amount of work that we anticipate would be involved in such a case and which is set out below. Any additional work incurred and which lies beyond the scope of the summaries outlined below and/or dealing with any title defects are likely to increase the fees you will incur and may affect time scales. You will be informed of any additional costs that may arise as a result.

Who will do your conveyancing?

Unlike at some conveyancing companies, your conveyancing will be done by a team of experienced experts as well as a qualified solicitor. The exact person who will carry out your conveyancing will depend on where and when the property transaction takes place, but you can view the list of Partners, Senior Associates, and Associates who head up the department here.

What are the hourly rates?

The cost or your conveyancing should be calculated to a flat fee. However to give full transparency we have listed the hourly rates for our legal services below. The rate you will be charged will depend on the location, the seniority, as well as the urgency of your legal work. The table below indicates the different pricing points for these criteria.

Role Standard regional rate Standard London rate
Eq Partner £290 £400
Salaried Partner £270 £340
Senior Associate £250 £270
Associate £220 £240
Solicitor £210 £220
FILEX £200 £210
Consultant £290 £400
Legal Assistant £100 £120
Trainee £150 £175
Paralegal £135 £150

Services included in a sale

  • Obtaining your title deeds from a mortgage lender, other solicitor or yourself
  • examining your registered title and preparing a draft contract pack
  • obtaining additional information ie leasehold/management information
  • replying to any questions raised by your buyers’ solicitor, including obtaining replies from you if necessary
  • arranging for you to sign the contract then progressing to an exchange of contracts
  • obtaining mortgage loan repayment figures (if any), your estate agent’s bill and any other figures needed to prepare your statement of account
  • arranging for you to sign the completion documents
  • completing your transaction (which includes) receiving the purchase monies, paying off your mortgage (if any) and paying your estate agent’s commission account. Sending any surplus monies to you or transferring them to any related transaction
  • keeping you and your estate agent fully informed throughout the transaction.

Services included in a purchase

  • Receiving contract paperwork and considering the documentation
  • asking you to check the plan supplied correctly identifies the property
  • raising any questions on the paperwork with the sellers’ solicitor and checking the replies
  • carrying out necessary searches and checking the results and reporting to you.
  • checking your mortgage offer, if applicable
  • reporting to you on the property and arranging for you to sign the contract and progressing to an exchange of contracts
  • carrying out final searches and preparing completion documents. Arranging for you to sign the completion documents
  • if required, reporting to your mortgage lender, for whom we also act and requesting the mortgage money
  • completing your transaction by sending the completion monies to your sellers’ solicitor
  • receiving the completion paperwork of the property from the sellers’ solicitor.
  • paying Stamp Duty and registering you as the new owner
  • sending you and your mortgage lender (if any) a copy of your title register showing you as the owner
  • keeping you and your estate agent fully informed throughout the transaction
  • completing your SDLT Return in cases where individual(s) are purchasing a single residential property, without an annexe
  • receiving the completion paperwork of the property from the sellers’ solicitor
  • paying Stamp Duty and registering you as the new owner.

Services not included in estimate

Our fees that we have outlined do not cover any work done in dealing with the following issues or problems and may form part of a separate charge. The below is merely an example and not an exhaustive list. Changes may depend on the particular circumstances of your case.

  • Where the title is unregistered
  • lack of planning permission, building regulation and listed building approvals or other required consents eg under the deeds
  • title issues such as, proof of ownership or capacity to sell, missing deeds, boundaries, access, easements, rights etc to be established
  • obtain defective title indemnity insurance to cover any issues identified
  • lack of up to date plans with the deeds, requiring new plans to be supplied
  • where there is a scheme of management that requires additional documentation to be dealt with on a transfer of property ownership
  • absent landlords, dormant management companies and dealing with additional requirements under leases arising from change of ownership such as deeds of covenant
  • shared ownership leases and/or work under the Help to Buy Scheme or other government/RSL funding schemes
  • joint ownership problems
  • trust deeds for joint owners or cohabitees
  • transactions which relate to the transfer of just part of a property title or a new build or conversion
  • protracted dealings over any issues revealed by your survey report
  • dealing with non-standard requirements of your mortgage lender including relating to gifted deposits (or if your mortgage lender instructs their own solicitors dealing with their requirements), dealing with any second or additional secured charges
  • any work involved in checking/advising that any tenancy agreements which will remain in place which accords with the required statutory requirements
  • protracted dealings to achieve exchange of contracts and agree a completion date, particularly if there are linked/chain transactions
  • any additional work involved in advising on SDLT in areas where more than one property is being purchased or where the buyers is in a partnership, company or trust or other non-natural person

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