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If you’re going through a divorce, it can be an extremely upsetting time. Emotions won’t just be running high, you’ll also have to deal with the practical things like the personal finances, pensions and perhaps even company ownership. At Royds Withy King, we are experts in the division of property in divorce, and can look at the bigger picture to help you through step by step.

The single legal team you need

At such a difficult time it will probably be one of the last things on your mind, but if you’re going through a divorce you’ll need to get expert legal advice as soon as possible. We can offer you advice not just on the division of property in divorce, but on the divorce settlement itself, so you only have one legal expert to deal with.

  • Planning for the future
    A separation can have a significant impact on your finances. For instance, you’ll no longer be entitled to any benefits under the terms of your ex-partner’s Will, or to any pension provision you would have received. We can take a look at everything to make sure that your future is as secure and risk-free as possible.
  • Your matrimonial home
    Your matrimonial home is likely to be one of the main assets that you and your partner will need to deal with. We can help you transfer or sell the matrimonial home as part of a divorce settlement.
  • Meeting the timescales
    The timings can be critical when you’re dealing with assets after a separation. For instance, your children may need to secure a school place, or you may need to find another place to live as soon as possible. We can work closely with the family team here at Royds Withy King to help your divorce settlement go through as smoothly and as rapidly as possible.

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