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Today’s housing market presents you with lots of challenges. If you’re a first time buyer, you want to understand the options available in a difficult market. While if you’re moving on, you’ll be looking for expert advice that takes your changing needs into account. We can give you advice that looks at the full picture to help you take that all-important next step.

  • For first time buyers
    Moving into your first home is a great feeling. We can help you get there, by demystifying the jargon and cutting through the red tape to lead to a speedy and successful result. We can explain government schemes for first time buyers and keep you updated every step of the way during the property conveyancing process.
  • For movers
    There can be all manner of reasons why you’re looking to move. Perhaps a promotion means you can afford a bigger place, or a new baby means you need more space. Some changes may be less welcome, such as a divorce or the passing away of a loved one. Whatever your reasons for buying or selling a home, we can offer expert property advice that’s sensitive to your individual needs.
  • For your future needs
    You’ve worked hard and perhaps you’re now thinking that you’d like to enjoy a holiday home – or secure extra income from a buy-to-let property. Alternatively you may want to access some of the value in your property to finance your lifestyle in retirement. Whatever your needs, we can give you expert advice to protect the value of your investment. We can explain all the tax implications too.

Who will do your conveyancing?

Unlike at some conveyancing companies, your conveyancing will be done by a team of experienced experts as well as a qualified solicitor. The exact person who will carry out your conveyancing will depend on where and when the property transaction takes place, but you can view the list of Partners, Senior Associates, and Associates who head up the department here.

What are the hourly rates?

The cost or your conveyancing should be calculated to a flat fee. However to give full transparency we have listed the hourly rates for our legal services below. The rate you will be charged will depend on the location, the seniority, as well as the urgency of your legal work. The table below indicates the different pricing points for these criteria.

Role Standard regional rate Standard London rate
Eq Partner £290 £400
Salaried Partner £270 £340
Senior Associate £250 £270
Associate £220 £240
Solicitor £210 £220
FILEX £200 £210
Consultant £290 £400
Legal Assistant £100 £120
Trainee £150 £175
Paralegal £135 £150

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