Advice on buying a property together

‘Making co-ownership of property work for you and your partner’

You may be in a relationship and want to buy a home together. Or perhaps you are looking at co-ownership of property so you can afford your first home. We can help you make sure you’ve planned ahead properly before you buy.

We’ll take care to protect both of you

Buying a property together can be exciting, but you must make sure that you talk things through properly before buying.

  • What to consider
    It’s important to talk through your current circumstances with your partner so they know where you stand financially. You should also discuss what might happen in the future, for instance what will happen to the property if the relationship breaks down or one of you dies. We can help you consider all the issues associated with co-ownership of property.
  • A joint tenancy agreement and other options
    There are a number of ways to enter into co-ownership of property, including for instance a joint tenancy agreement and other solutions. We can help you pinpoint the one that’s right for you.
  • Other issues to consider
    Once you have arranged co-ownership and bought your property together, you will need to make sure that other issues are taken care of too. For instance, do you need to update your Will to reflect your situation? What about tax planning? You may also want to consider a pre-nuptial agreement to safeguard your interests. Whatever your circumstances, we have the expertise to help.

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I was very impressed with the professionalism and high level of interest taken to make sure that I was given the right information to make decisions.
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