Negligent Will and probate claims

‘A solicitor’s negligence in preparing and writing the Will of a loved one can cause unwanted stress and upset during an emotional and difficult time’

If you did not receive some or all of your inheritance, due to the actions of the lawyer who originally drafted the Will in question, it may not be possible to contest the Will in the usual way. However, you may be able to bring a claim against that lawyer for professional negligence.

Claiming compensation for poorly written Wills or unforeseen tax on inheritance

When benefiting from a Will, you rely on your solicitor to properly advise you on the Inheritance Tax which could be charged to your estate. If they failed to consider measures to reduce the tax liability, and the estate is exposed to an unnecessary expense, there may be grounds to claim against your solicitor.

What else could you claim for?

You could claim for a number of mistakes, including:

  • inadequately drafted Wills and trusts
  • negligent probate or tax advice
  • failing to check the testator’s (client) capacity
  • failing to ensure that the Will is executed correctly
  • the solicitor’s delay has had impact upon value of the estate

How do I make a professional negligence claim?

Due to time limits, it is important that you act quickly. Speak to one our specialist professional negligence solicitors and they will explain to you the process. They are committed to helping you, making the process as stress free as possible.

Contact us to speak to one of our negligent Will and probate claims team to see if you have professional negligence claim.

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