Claim against a negligent matrimonial solicitor

‘When seeking legal advice following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage you will have enough on your plate dealing with the fallout and the consequential effects, both emotionally and practically’

In such difficult circumstances, you rely on your matrimonial solicitor to have your best interests in mind, trusting them to handle your matter professionally and guiding you through this difficult time with sound advice. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes are made which can have significant consequences on your financial affairs.

Solicitors you can rely on to protect your interests

The impact of a relationship breaking down is hard enough without unexpected financial losses. A matrimonial solicitor should protect your best interests thus, when they are negligent it can result in an unsatisfactory conclusion of affairs often resulting in financial loss. Examples of such negligent acts include:

  • incorrect or unfair settlement of the financial part of a divorce
  • failing to take account of pension assets
  • poor advice on costs and offers made during negotiations
  • failure to apply for a decree absolute
  • causing delays.

Do I have a claim?

To have a claim, it is necessary to prove that your solicitor owed you a duty of care, which was breached by a negligent act. Such a breach can cause you financial loss, which is where we can help.

Aware of the time restrictions, we will quickly identify whether you have a claim and find the best solutions for you, conscious of the possible outcomes and making sure that they benefit you.  Our aim is to provide you with the service you deserve, considerate of your needs and requirements.

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