Making a claim against a negligent financial adviser

‘A professional adviser you can trust this time’

Under UK law/regulation, it is the duty of a financial adviser to take great care when it comes to managing clients’ financial affairs but sometimes this is not always the case. Negligent advice can sometimes occur in areas such as taxation, pensions, estate planning, savings, investments and other complex financial issues. If you feel you have received negligent financial advice, our team of professional negligence solicitors will listen to your circumstances and then recommend if you have a potential claim against a financial adviser.

Helping recover losses as a result of negligent financial advice

Receiving negligent financial advice can be catastrophic and have a significant impact on your finances as well as your life. Understandably, leaving you with little trust that you once had in your adviser. The good news is that you may be able to recover some or most of your losses if your adviser has been found to be providing negligent advice or has not followed the regulatory rules that aim to protect you.

Our expertise covers:

  • Investment negligence.
    In some circumstances, the financial adviser may provide negligent investment advice that can be catastrophic. It could be that: you weren’t properly highlighted to the risks; you were advised to invest where there was a conflict of interest or your current financial situation wasn’t assessed properly before you made the investment.
  • Retirement planning negligence.
    It can be devastating to find out that your retirement ‘nest egg’ has been mismanaged or you were given the negligent advice on how to invest your hard earned money. Either way, we’ll listen with an aim to get your retirement plans back on track.
  • Negligent tax advice.
    When you hire a tax adviser, you would normally expect them to provide you with sound advice on tax efficiency that is, importantly, HMRC compliant. If your tax affairs are not compliant, you face the risk of having the tax man knocking at your door, leaving you in an embarrassing situation which should have normally been avoided. In such circumstances, we’ll ensure that it is the tax adviser that has egg on their face and not you.


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