Claiming against a negligent industrial disease solicitor

‘Whether you have previously made a claim for damages for asbestos related illness or are seeking to make a claim now, we can assist you claim against your employers, or former solicitors’

If you think that your solicitor undervalued your claim failing to properly asses your condition and other additional losses you have suffered then you may have a claim and it is important that you contact a professional for advice.

Where your health is concerned, nothing is too much hassle.

Time limits imposed upon these kind of claims means that you only have 6 years, from the time the negligence caused you a loss, or 3 years from when your condition got worse (causing you to appreciate that the solicitors had missed something) to pursue a claim against your previous solicitors.

You may have a claim if your solicitor:

  • Did not carry out adequate research to track down all your previous employers. Your damages recovered could be reduced or you may be able to claim for the additional damages that should have been recovered if they had been more thorough.
  • Failed to advise you about making a claim for benefits. Some benefits have strict time limits, if you have missed out because of your solicitors, you may have a claim against them.
  • Did not commence court proceedings within the time limits, or pursue them quickly, affecting your rights to make a claim.
  • May not have advised you properly on ways to approach your case. This is common with mesothelioma claims due to their seriousness. The timing of a settlement can have a big impact on the amount of compensation received. If you didn’t receive any advice on this, your compensation may be insufficient.
  • May have settled your claim on a “full and final” settlement when you should have received a “provisional” award. If you have asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural thickening or pleural plaques there is a small risk that further conditions will develop. To protect your interests “provisional damages” should have been awarded to allow a return to court to seek additional compensation if a further condition develops.
  • Conducted inadequate investigations. There may have been investigations into one potential claim and a decision taken that the evidence wasn’t strong enough, but failed to determine any other potential exposure to asbestos. There may still be time to pursue your claim against the original defendants. If it is too late to do this, then a claim against your previous solicitors may be possible.

Our careful expert investigations will enable you to easily understand if you have a claim against a negligent industrial solicitor and will tell you all the options that are available to you. We pride ourselves in putting our clients’ needs first providing a speedy and efficient conclusion to your case.


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