Claim against an accountant when you have been negligently advised

‘You trust your accountant to advise you on the best way to manage your money. Any inaccuracies, however, or poor advice on their part may cause you devastating financial damage’

Accountants are trusted to give you financial advice and assistance. Most are regulated by one or two regulatory bodies which have their own complaints procedure. If you feel, however, that this procedure has not dealt with your complaint, you may then be able to make a claim against your accountant.

Lawyers that intend to get under the skin of your accountant negligence claim

We know the horrifying impact negligent financial advice can have. Just like other professionals, your accountant has a duty of care towards you. If you feel this duty has been breeched, it is important that you seek professional advice; which may result in compensation for your losses.

Sometimes, the assistance of an accountant to help with your personal finances can be a blessing. But when they provide the wrong advice, however, the repercussions can be terrible. If they have provided you with incorrect debt, budgeting or other financial advice which has caused you financial loss, then you should seek professional negligence advice.

It is important to remember that there are time limits in bringing a professional a negligence claim, so please do contact us and apeak to one of our expert team members for more information and advice.

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