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For most people, a property purchase can be one of the largest transactions in peoples’ lives and often, people place great trust in a surveyor or valuer to provide an accurate account on the condition or the value of the property they’re about to buy. It can then come as a nasty surprise when damage or other problems are noticed after the purchase, which were not highlighted in the original report or valuation.

Our surveyor or valuer negligence solicitors may help you get your property plans back on track

Surveyor or valuer negligence can usually occur when:

  • the surveyor has misled you on the condition of the property
  • the property is found to be worth more or less than the price paid due to a problem that was not highlighted by the surveyor or valuer
  • you have had to carry out unexpected repairs that weren’t highlighted in the surveyor’s report
  • a quantity surveyor over-valued the work of a contractor.

Negligence such as this can result in significant financial losses. Most surveyors or valuers carry professional indemnity insurance cover so it is possible that you may be able to claim for surveyor negligence compensation against that insurance policy. The compensation can then cover the cost of fixing unforeseen problems or it could reimburse you for the loss in value of the property.

By speaking to one of our professional negligence solicitors, we will aim to provide you with a free assessment on whether or not you have a professional negligence claim. We’ll then recommend litigation if we firmly believe that the surveyor is in breached their duty of care.

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