Making a claim against a personal injury solicitor can help right wrongs

‘When you engage a lawyer, you should be able to trust in their knowledge and experience. If your personal injury case was handled badly, a professional negligence compensation claim may be the solution’

When you use a personal injury lawyer, it’s important that they do the best possible job because your life may be affected by the outcome of your claim. If you feel that your lawyer has been incompetent, we can help you make a professional negligence compensation claim.

Dedicated specialists for professional negligence claims

You may feel your claim has been mishandled and under-settled. In which case, we might be able to obtain compensation from the solicitors who dealt with it – if you can show that they were negligent.

Other instances where you might consider professional negligence claims include:

  • Failing to issue proceedings within the limitation period
  • Abandoning a claim when it actually had good prospects for success
  • Obtaining unsatisfactory medical evidence from inappropriate experts for the injuries that you or someone close to you has suffered
  • Failing to follow your instructions

In these instances we may also be able to get your existing personal injury claim back on track, helping you get the result you’re after.

Bear in mind that this isn’t easy work and the outcome is by no means guaranteed. However, professional negligence claims can be done on a No-Win/No-Fee basis.

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The fact that we no longer have to worry about the future is really down to you, and I hope you understand just how much we appreciate all the work you did on his behalf.
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