Making a claim against a negligent solicitor or barrister

‘Solicitors and barristers are relied on to improve a situation, so when they make a mistake, it can cause significant and expensive problems’

Unfortunately, just like with any other profession, solicitors or barrister can make costly mistakes or give bad advice. This often results in significant financial loss, the loss of a right to make a claim, or the ability to take some other legal action.

A speedy but professional resolution to your solicitor or barrister claim

If you think that your solicitor has caused you financial damage, through poor advice or mismanagement of your affairs, you may be able to claim solicitor negligence compensation to cover the losses that may have occurred.

This kind of negligence claim can be extremely complex, as you need to demonstrate that another competent lawyer would not have acted in the same way. Due to time restraints, it is important you seek professional assistance as soon a possible.

How we can help

If you think you have a claim, we can investigate and suggest the correct route to take with outcomes that may suit you. Our expert team are more than willing to answer any questions you have and will act with diligence to bring your problem to a quick and satisfactory end.

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