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It can come as a blow if the advice you received from a professional adviser turns out cause you unexpected grief. Negligent mistakes can often result in financial loss as well as lost time and knock-on ramifications. So, it’s really important that you seek advice quickly to see if you have a compensation claim to help repair some or all of the damage caused by a negligent adviser.

What is professional negligence?

When you employ a professional to provide professional services and they fail to do so or fail to do so to the standards expected of them and that causes a loss to be suffered by you. It is a complex area and the definitions can be wide and cover many different professional disciplines, but the important thing to remember is that if you believe that you have received negligent professional services for example, advice from an Accountant or plans from an Architect and this has caused you to suffer a loss, you may have a compensation claim.

Do I have a claim for professional negligence?

To advise whether you have a claim for professional negligence we will consider the particular circumstances of your relationship with the professional, whether the professional has failed to comply with its legal requirements and standards and why and;, the losses that you consider have been caused by that as a result in detail. We will also consider strict time limits that apply to such claims. Normally, such a claim must be brought within 6 years of the breach of contract or the damage is suffered but this can be extended it the breach or loss is not known until later and up to 15 years.

How much compensation can I claim for professional negligence?

When you claim compensation for professional negligence, you are asking to be put back into the position you would have been if it had not occurred. You may be able to clearly calculate the amount that you have lost, but there may be some other areas that could incur loss that have not yet occurred or which require a detailed assessment. A professional negligence lawyer will help you understand what you do and do not have a compensation claim for.

What professions can you claim compensation for professional negligence against?

Professional advisers are often protected through an indemnity insurance policy to protect themselves financially in the unexpected event where their advice causes problems for their clients. If you believe you have received negligent advice from an adviser, then you may be able to claim against this insurance policy.

Our professional negligence solicitors act on the behalf of clients who have received negligent advice from a range of difference advisers, some include:

  • Accountants
    We place a great amount of trust in accountants to manage financial and tax related matters. A negligent mistake can often result in a financial loss, or leave you in a compromising position with the HMRC. Find out more.
  • Architects
    Architects have the power to build dream homes and properties, but when their planning work turns out to be a nightmare, it can leave you disappointed, delayed, over budget or worse – the safety of the occupants being put at risk. Find out more.
  • Conveyancing and property negligence
    Buying a property can be one of the most stressful times in peoples’ lives. If that process goes wrong, then it can cause further uncessary stress. Find out more.
  • Financial Adviser
    It goes without saying that people work hard for their money. It can then come as no surprise that many hundreds of thousands put their faith and trust in financial advisers to make that money work harder for them. If negligent advice results in financial loss and undo years of hard work, then you may be able recoup what you lost. Find out more.
  • Mortgage brokers
    Making the decision to take about a mortgage is a decision for the long-term that is not taken lightly, so it can be a financial burden if that mortgage was mis-sold. Find out more.
  • Negligent medical negligence solicitors
    Sometime the solicitors whom specialise in negligence, can be found to be negligent themselves. We have a team of exeprienced and accredited solicitors who can help you get your claim back on track. Find out more.
  • Solicitors
    We know from experience, you choose a solicitor to keep you on the right side of the law and to help you in time of need. If the advice from a solicitor puts you on the wrong side of the law or they don’t fight your corner, we may be able to claim for compensation and pick up the pieces from where they went wrong. Find out more.
  • Surveyors
    The purchase of a property is one of the biggest financial transactions in people’s lives. There is an expectation that a surveyor will give an accurate account of the property’s condition before people sign a long-term contract. If it is inaccurate, it can leave people with long-term consequences. Find out more.

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