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How to obtain probate

‘Look to us for help and advice on obtaining probate’

You have to obtain probate to be able to administer an estate (unless each asset is valued below £5,000 or all assets are owned jointly with someone else). So if you’re named as an executor, obtaining probate will usually be part of the process. We can help to ease this burden at what may be a difficult and emotional time.

Obtaining probate made simple

In some cases, a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration is needed, and must be obtained before you or the executor can administer an estate. Until that point, the assets in the Will are frozen. We can explain how to obtain probate and can address all your questions.

  • Is there an executor in place?
    We can help you find out whether there is an executor named in the Will, or whether an administrator needs to be appointed instead.
  • What documents do you need?
    From bank details to legal documents, we can take you through all the documents you need while you’re administering the estate. We’ll also explain how to obtain probate before you do so.
  • What about tax?
    We can also help you assess the value of the estate, and find out if there are any tax liabilities such as Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax.

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We had just experienced the most devastating loss and from our first communication with Royds Withy King we were treated with kindness and respect. All the worries of the probate were lifted and all matters were resolved quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

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