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Thinking of making a personal injury claim?

‘Making a personal injury claim can be complex, which is why you need to be informed from the outset.’

If you are thinking about making a personal injury claim then the first step is to get in touch. We’ll give you a quick and straightforward assessment of your chances. We’ll be frank about your prospects of winning and the amount of money you might recover.

Finding out more about accident compensation claims

You’ll need to talk to us to get the full picture, but here are some of the more common questions on accident compensation claims.

  • What compensation could you get?
    Your award will depend on the type of your injury, how severe it is and your individual circumstances. We may demand compensation for:
    -Loss of earnings, both past and future
    -Expenses caused by your injury
    -Pain, suffering and the effects on your everyday life.
    If your injury is very severe, we may also claim damages for your past and future care and treatments, as well as special equipment and alterations to your home.
  • How long will your claim take?
    Most personal injury claims are settled between six months and two years. But sometimes cases take longer, especially if you’ve a severe or complex injury. Much depends on your recovery – calculation of compensation is not easy until a confident prognosis can be given by doctors.
  • Will you have to pay anything if you lose?
    We can offer ways of funding your personal injury claim so that if it’s unsuccessful you shouldn’t need to pay any legal fees. If you win the case, we get paid by your opponent, but there’ll be certain things which you’ll have to pay for from the compensation you recover. Find out more about funding your claim.

Contact us if you feel you have a potential personal injury claim, call us on 0800 923 2068 or email We offer a free initial interview to see whether your case should be investigated further.

I have been dealing with Royds Withy King for over a year, and, I truly have no regrets to my decision. Any time that I’ve needed to speak to Rachel Jones (my solicitor), she has always made time for me, been up front and honest with every response – to the point of cutting out any jargon, thus, letting me know exactly where I stand. I highly recommend these guys to everybody.

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