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‘Industrial diseases can occur decades after exposure to harmful materials such as asbestos. We are experts at making industrial disease claims.’

If you have worked in an environment which exposed you to dangerous substances such as asbestos, we can help you seek industrial disease compensation.

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Royds Withy King have a dedicated specialist team of lawyers who are committed to recovering maximum compensation for industrial disease claims.

If you or a family member has an asbestos related illness, or have been diagnosed with an industrial disease as a result of work, you may be able to bring a claim. We are experts, we understand the issues, and we’ll do everything we can to get you the compensation you deserve.

We can help you with your industrial disease compensation claims including;

Expertise across a wide range of industrial disease claims

We have acted for clients suffering from:

  • mesothelioma
  • lung cancer
  • asbestosis
  • pleural thickening
  • other asbestos related industrial diseases.

An excellent track record

Thanks to our tenacious and determined approach, we have successfully recovered more than £3.25m in industrial disease compensation in the last 12 months, and many millions more in previous years. We often succeed where other law firms have failed

Putting your interests first

We will take the time to understand the nature of your claim, and gather all the facts to make the case as strong as possible. Nobody wants securing industrial disease compensation to take longer than necessary, and we will do everything we can to bring your claim to a speedy resolution – often in as little as 3-6 months.

Secondary and environmental exposure claims

In some circumstances it is possible to claim industrial disease compensation even if you have never worked directly with asbestos. If you have come into contact with asbestos in the local environment or from a family member who worked with asbestos, speak to us. We are expert at pursuing these sort of claims for compensation.

Compensation when you need it most

If you are diagnosed with pleural thickening, asbestosis or lung cancer, you can get a court order which compensates you for your current condition and leaves it open for you to seek additional compensation if you condition deteriorates. This is known as a “provisional damages” award and acts like an insurance policy to protect you and your family in the future. Our team of dedicated lawyers will provide you with the specialist advice to secure the court order which will get you the compensation when you need it most.

Case studies

Claim for former lagger who developed diphasic mesothelioma settles three weeks before the assessment of damages hearing

Claim for former secretary who worked in asbestos factory

Settlement for medical student who worked with asbestos during the holidays

Claim for architect exposed to asbestos in the 1960s settles for a substantial six figure sum with less than a week to go to the trial

Claim for paper mill workers who developed mesothelioma settles after first firm of solicitors were unable to continue with it.

£131,000 mesothelioma claim for brothers who lived together

Expat ship builder’s claim settles for six-figure sum

Claim for Imperial Tobacco worker with light exposure to asbestos settles for £75,000

Out of time claim for mesothelioma settles within eight months

Claim for 89-year-old former power station worker settles more than 40 years after he was first diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition

Industrial Diseases Team secures £160,000 for carpenter with mesothelioma

Compensation recovered for family of deceased carpenter with asbestos-related cancer (2017)

Compensation recovered for Army serviceman for mesothelioma (2017)

Claim for ICI worker for fatal Mesothelioma initially diagnosed as asbestosis settles for £80,000

Mesothelioma claim compensation for a former technician at Monsanto Chemicals Ltd aka the Ruabon Works

£230,000 in compensation for the family of a former Swindon Railway Works apprentice

Claim for former ship builder / metal worker settles for over £200,000 within nine months of instruction

Mesothelioma claim for a former prop man at Pinewood Studios settles for a six figure sum

Fatal mesothelioma claim settled for over £125,000 after previous firm of solicitors gave up

Settlement of claim for mesothelioma despite previous full and final settlement for pleural plaques

Mesothelioma claim for a former industrial painter settled for over £200,000

Claim for mesothelioma for 51 year old ex-cellarman with pre-existing multiple sclerosis settled for over £150,000

Mesothelioma claim for former shipbuilder settles for just under £200,000 within nine months

Royal Mail worker’s claim settled for in excess of £300,000

Fatal mesothelioma claim settled for over £125,000 after previous firm of solicitors gave up

Former lagger and docker receives substantial lung cancer compensation

Carpenter settles for well in excess of £100,000

Mesothelioma claim for carpenter settles for well in excess of £100,000 during his lifetime

Mesothelioma claim settles for over £150,000 in just two months

Claim for widower of woman exposed to asbestos dust from his work clothes settles for £50,000

Detailed history key to mesothelioma claim success

Substantial mesothelioma claim settlement for an 81 year old power station worker

Carpenter’s mesothelioma claim settled for over £100,000 plus within eight months of instructions

Claim for mesothelioma after a wife was exposed to asbestos through washing her husband’s work clothes

Claim for mesothelioma for a builder of agricultural buildings settles within 5 months

Claim for mesothelioma settled within 3 months of instruction

Compensation for mesothelioma secured due to our extensive knowledge of industry

Successful mesothelioma claim where another firm failed

Its been a tough couple of years but we are grateful for all the support you gave to our family.

Royds Withy King industrial diseases client

You were so kind and supportive during our claim – we were so lucky to have you fighting for us

Client of Helen Childs

I do believe if it had not been for your determination this claim would not have been possible, your hard work in this matter is much appreciated.

Royds Withy King industrial diseases client

Your professionalism, empathy and patience - amazing.

Royds Withy King Mesothelioma Client


Unfortunately unsafe working practices in industry often continued after
the knowledge of the dangers of asbestos developed. Since the mid 1960s at the very latest, all employers should have known that exposure to even low levels of asbestos was dangerous. Before that they should have been aware of the health risks of more substantial exposure. However, many industries continued to use asbestos without providing their workers with any protection. This means a claim is often possible even where it can’t be shown that your own boss was actually aware of the dangers of asbestos.

That is often the case for our clients. We try and track down their insurers and make a claim against them. We pride ourselves on not giving up easily, and have often found insurers after other law firms had failed. If insurers can’t be traced, we will advise you about the best course of action. It may be you can still claim because you were exposed to asbestos elsewhere. Alternatively, you may qualify for a payment from the government, or under the mesothelioma fund of last resort.

Don’t worry. We will talk to you about your working history. It’s understandable that dates become muddled after so many years. The most important thing is to try and remember who you worked for and what you were doing for them. We can work out the dates and fill in any gaps by obtaining your employment records from the Inland Revenue.

Possibly. Many building workers were on a ticket in the 70s and 80s. Often, they worked for an employer who determined their hours of work and what they would do each day. If the “employer” exercised a lot of control over the worker, the courts will often treat them as “effectively an employee” – and a claim may well be possible, despite you being officially self employed.

Many of our clients don’t. Maybe you weren’t told that the materials you worked with contained asbestos. You might have called them by a trade name or nickname “Asbestolux” or “big 6’s” or “compound/compo” or even “monkey muck” or “pig muck.”
Alternatively, you might not have worked with asbestos. Maybe you lived near an asbestos factory or maybe one of your relatives worked with asbestos.
We will explore all the various possibilities with you and advise you about the best way forward.

You do need evidence to bring a claim but we never expect our clients to gather this evidence without our help and guidance. There may be some information in your Dad’s medical records or Inland Revenue history. We may have acted for someone who had a similar occupation or who worked at the same place as your Dad. We can help piece together your Dad’s working life. We commonly help families like yours bring a claim, even when other solicitors say they can’t help. While nothing can ever compensate your Mum we would seek to recover the cost of caring for her within any claim.

Possibly. It will depend on what basis your compensation was agreed before. If it was a “provisional damages” award then it should be a fairly simple matter to reopen the case and seek further damages. If, however, it was a
“full and final” settlement then that option would not be open to you, unless a potential defendant had been missed. We succeeded in the landmark case of Lloyd v Humphreys and Glasgow after two other reputable firms refused to pursue a claim and another asbestos specialist barrister had advised there was no case. You might also not have had proper advice before agreeing to settle on this basis, in which case a claim against your previous lawyers might be possible. We are happy to advise you.

Don’t be. We would act on your behalf under a “no win, no fee” agreement. This will protect you against the risk of a big legal bill and also means there will be nothing to pay if you lose. Unlike many other firms, we won’t ask you to pay upfront for anything.

Strictly speaking, you have 3 years from the date when you were diagnosed with a symptomatic asbestos-related condition to claim compensation. It can sometimes be quite difficult to assess when this time limit begins to run, and we can advise you on this. If more than 3 years have passed the court has a discretion to allow your claim to proceed – but many lawyers are too cautious to take on out of time cases. You really need a specialist fighting your corner. We regularly succeed with cases that are officially out of time.

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