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    Few things could be more distressing and potentially debilitating than suffering a head or brain injury.

    Sadly, about one million people in the UK end up in hospital with this condition. Any head or brain injury claim can be highly complex and you’ll need specialist solicitors on your side.

    Why choose us?

    If you’re considering a brain injury compensation claim, you’ll want to make sure you’ve all the necessary support and advice from an expert team of solicitors.

    Our specialist team can help you achieve the best quality of life possible, and provide security for the future, by looking at:

    1. your potential loss of income
    2. rehabilitation needs (such as therapies and long term care funding), and
    3. what you may have to pay to convert your home.

    Through a combination of high-level expertise and compassion we can help you seek compensation for your brain injury that provides a more secure future for you and your family. Your claim will always be dealt with by a brain and spine injury expert.

    “Royds Withy King’s personal injury team has ‘a wealth of experience and a very client-focussed approach’. It is ‘very strong on brain injury claims’ and provides an overall ‘excellent’ level of service.”

    Legal 500 2017 – Personal Injury

    What happens when you contact us?

    After we have received your enquiry, one of our brain injury claim experts will:

    1. be in touch to determine the facts of your situation, and determine whether you have a claim.
    2. once we have done this, our team will advise you on the next best steps.
    3. we’ll then explore the best ways of funding your case if we think you have one.

    If you need any further information on the process of making a personal injury claim, take a look at our guide on the process here.

    Brain injury as a result of medical negligence

    If your brain injury has come about as a result of medical negligence, such as a misdiagnosed stroke or brain tumour, we can help too.

    To find out more, visit our acquired brain injury claims page.

    What can a claim help to pay for, and how much compensation can you receive?

    If successful, your head or brain injury compensation claim could help to pay for many things that could improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

    These include, but are not limited to:

    • A payment to acknowledge the level of pain and suffering you may be in or have undergone.
    • Loss of income
    • Equipment
    • Costs of medical care and treatment
    • Transportation costs and things like vehicle adaptions
    • Modifications to the home

    These costs will help to determine the level of compensation you will receive from a claim.

    When can you make a claim for a head or brain injury?

    Generally speaking, you have three years from the point of the injury taking place to process a claim. However this may be longer in certain cases.

    We will advise you on this. If you or a loved one is involved in an accident that results in a brain or spinal injury, it is in your interests to begin the claim process as quickly as possible. This should help you to make a successful claim.

    How long will it take?

    The time it takes to settle a claim varies greatly. It generally depends on:

    1. whether liability is disputed and
    2. the complexity of your injuries.

    We are experienced in obtaining interim payments to help while the claim is ongoing. We can guide you on the likely timescale for concluding your claim when we hear about your accident.

    How can a case be funded?

    There are a number of options available for paying for your solicitor’s costs.

    We are happy to consider representing you on a Conditional Fee Agreement (“no win, no fee” basis). As the name implies you have the peace of mind that if you lose your case you should not have to pay any legal costs. This is something we can discuss in much more detail when you get in touch to talk about your accident.

    Where you can find us

    Our brain injury solicitors act for clients across England & Wales, however we have a number of offices in which you can come and see us:

    We also have a consulting office in Bristol, which is available by appointment.


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