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Why you need a specialist for your chronic pain compensation claim

‘Even medical and legal professionals frequently misunderstand or misinterpret the cause of chronic pain’

If you suffer from chronic pain you’ll know how it can affect every area of your personal and work life. You might find that doctors, insurance companies, employers and even lawyers misunderstand your condition.

A greater understanding of your chronic pain claim

Getting specialist legal expertise for a chronic pain claim is essential. That’s because there aren’t many lawyers with knowledge or expertise of this complex area. We have a team of specialists, including lawyers independently recognised for their record in dealing with all types of chronic pain compensation claims. They’ll take a sensitive and empathetic approach to your concerns.

You’ll also benefit from our links with the very best medical experts and pain management centres. They’ll work with you and our specialist team to achieve the best result for your claim. We don’t stop there. Going beyond your claim, we’ll help you secure long-term rehabilitation to improve your quality of life.

Chronic Pain is a disorder where psychological factors play an important role in its development. This disorder is often the reason why some accident victims suffer pain and/or discomfort from no obvious physical explanation. It is often regarded as the “invisible disease”.

Despite the lack of an apparent cause, the sensation of pain is physical and very real to the sufferer. This condition can be worsened by intrusive and unpleasant memories of the accident. If left untreated, it can cause severe distress and long term disability. If symptoms persist beyond six months, it can even possibly be too late for a cure.

Due to the imprecise nature of this illness, this area of personal injury litigation is extremely complex and requires expert understanding and analysis of the medical evidence. Insurance companies are generally suspicious about cases where an expert cannot explain the symptoms of an injury or conclusively attribute them to the accident. In the absence of a perceived ‘orthodox’ explanation, insurers may refuse to accept that symptoms have been caused by the accident at all. As a result, any compensation offered might be substantially less than had the injury been straightforward. We have an experienced team who are able to identify chronic pain cases at an early stage and ensure appropriate treatment is put in place to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.


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As part of the litigation process, we will instruct medico-legal experts to assess you and prepare a report for the purposes of your personal injury claim.
Chronic Pain is extremely complex. At Withy King we carefully select a team of medical experts and a barrister who will work together closely as a team to formulate the case.
We understand the importance of selecting experts who understand Chronic Pain.

We may instruct a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who might identify that there is a risk of developing Chronic Pain. If you are suffering from Chronic Pain then we may instruct a Consultant in Pain Medicine who will provide a diagnosis and make recommendations in respect of treatment. We may also instruct a Consultant Psychiatrist to report upon your mental state and/or a Care expert who will report upon care needs and make recommendations in respect of any aids of equipment which you would benefit from.

Contact one of our specialist Solicitors to discuss your circumstances.
We offer to deal with personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee basis and are happy to offer initial advice at no cost to the Chronic Pain sufferer. In the first instance, we will establish the facts of your case:

– How did the accident happen?
– Was the accident a result of breach of duty or negligence?
– Details of your injury and the effect it has had on your life.
– Details of your financial losses.
– You will need to keep a record of your symptoms and expenses and losses as they arise and keep documentary evidence (receipts/invoices etc.).

Once we have all of the facts surrounding the accident, your injuries and your current position, we will provide clear and concise advice in respect of whether you are entitled to bring a personal injury claim.

A claim must usually be submitted to court within three years of the date of the accident.
There are exceptions:

– Date of knowledge;
– Where a claim involves a child, court proceedings must be started 3 years from 18th Birthday.

The court has overriding discretion to allow court proceedings to start after the primary limitation period has passed.

If you think you have a claim, it is best not to delay. Enquiries need to be made and proceedings issued in Court within three years of the date of the accident.

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