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Child injury compensation claims

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‘We believe an injury claim should secure compensation to cover all the child’s needs. We are passionate about protecting their future and persevere to achieve this’

As a parent, few things can be more traumatic than a child suffering a life-changing injury. Understandably you’ll be worried about (1) their recovery, (2) who will fund future treatment and (3) how to secure long-term care. We are experts in ensuring that all our child injury settlements fully provide for them, whilst handling everything with sensitivity.

We have the expertise to secure your child appropriate compensation

Parents inevitably worry about the impact of an injury on their child’s education, siblings, friendships and, of course, their physical and emotional development. We know what needs to be put in place to ensure the compensation claim is successful. To achieve this, we coordinate a highly respected network of experts who can support you and your child’s claim.

We accurately calculate lifetime costs

We work with the best paediatric doctors and experts to predict your child’s likely needs as an adult. We understand the importance of painstakingly identifying all the anticipated expenses and costs during both their childhood and their adult life. Our approach will help to ensure the compensation lasts your child’s lifetime, giving you ultimate peace of mind. Find out more about protecting your child’s compensation.

We can place a specialist expert team around you and your child

At Royds Withy King we understand that, in some circumstances, the specialist needs of your child may extend for many years to come. Using our expertise and contacts, we are able to structure a team around the child to ensure that their care, rehabilitation and quality of life is protected by a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals. We do this in unison with the family, to create a long lasting network of support around the child.

To understand more you can visit our special page on how we create a team around the client. Or if you have any questions, please contact us for a discussion on how we can help you.


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Royds Withy King is home to a high-quality team of personal injury lawyers who represent the victims of a wide range of injuries. The firm’s Court of Protection and Trusts departments are highly beneficial to these clients, many of whom have suffered severe spinal and brain injuries.

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We mobilise a team of highly specialist experts.  We direct this team to identify all the elements of the child’s life that will need support and calculate the amount of money it will take to ensure that the child’s lifetime needs are met.

This includes, but is by no means limited to; medical expenses, travel costs, equipment and if any adaptations are needed within the family home; adapted adult accommodation, environmental controls, therapeutic support, care and case management, loss of earnings and pension and deputyship costs.

Once a total sum is calculated this is then reviewed by the court and decided upon in a process known as an ‘infant approval hearing’.

With many types of personal injury claim you have three years from the incident occurring, or three years from the point at which the injury became apparent, to make a claim.  However, with a child claim the period is extended for three years from the date the child attains adulthood, that is until 21 (unless as an adult the child will be incapacitated in which case time will not start running until the incapacity ceases).

If a child’s parents or guardians chose not to make a claim, then upon turning 18, until the age of 21, the child has the right to bring about a compensation claim.

Despite this, it is rarely a good idea to put off bringing about a claim for compensation. This is because much of the investigation relies upon documents being sourced and witnesses being questioned. As more time passes, there is a greater likelihood of these becoming lost or being untraceable.

If you feel your child may have a claim then the important thing is to contact us and we can discuss your options with you.

The injured child will be the legal owner of the money. To protect the compensation it will be invested on their behalf until they reach the age of 18 years old. At this point it will be paid to them plus any interest earned.

If money does need to be released for the child’s benefit, then it is possible for some money to be released. Any payments will however need justification and will be subject to the judge’s discretion.


If there is no dispute about who is responsible for the injury then a request to the Defendant or an application to the Court can be made to obtain a payment on account before the case settles.  This can help fund ongoing expenses or help to pay off debts which have been incurred.

The injured child will be the legal owner of the money. The compensation will be protected in a number of ways depending on the severity of the injury, and the amount of money awarded.

If money does need to be accessed for the child’s benefit, then it is possible for some money to be released. Any payments will however need justification and will be subject to a judge’s discretion if a professional trustee or deputy has not been appointed (typically in larger settlements).

This depends on the age of the child and the nature of the claim. However, if a child does need to be present, the hearing will normally take place in something called a Judge’s chamber, which is like a large, private office. These spaces can be more comforting and less stressful for all involved.  We will, of course, be on hand to guide you through the process.

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