Amputation resources and contacts

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This page provides you with information you may use in order to contact a number of support groups and teams dedicated to aiding amputees and families of amputees.

The links below will allow you to go directly to the resources you need:

  1. Charities
  2. Additional contacts and sources of information


Limbless Association

The leading limb-loss charity in the UK; the Limbless Association provides information and support to the limb-loss community with the aim of supporting people of all ages.

Tel: 01245 216670

Twitter: @limblessassoc

Facebook: Limbless Association

Amputation Foundation

An organisation with a wide range of support networks across the UK. The Amputation Foundation can be the first point of contact for those who have recently suffered the loss of one or more limbs, with the intention to get that individual the support most tailored to their needs.

Tel: 01744 808 850

Twitter: @AF_amputation

Facebook: Amputation Foundation

Douglas Bader Foundation

The Douglas Bader Foundation looks to advance and promote the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of persons who are either born without or have lost one or more of their limbs.

Tel: 020 8748 8884

Twitter: @DouglasBaderFou

Facebook: The Douglas Bader Foundation

BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Servicemen’s Association)

The only UK charity that supports limbless veterans of the Armed Forces. BLESMA helps both ex-serving and serving members of the military to rebuild their lives with rehabilitation activities and welfare support.

Tel: 020 8590 1124

Twitter: @BLESMA

Facebook: Blesma




Steps aims to provide support for children and their families, when a child has suffered the loss of a lower limb. They achieve this in a number of ways, including emotional support through the Steps helpline and informing families through their booklets and online resources.

(NB all lower limb conditions, not just limb loss)

Tel: 01925 750271

Twitter: @STEPS_Charity


Find Your Feet

Finding Your Feet support families affected by amputation or limb difference, through a range of sporting initiatives and social inclusion projects.

Tel: 0141 258 4868

Twitter: @fyf_charity

Facebook: @Findingyourfeetcharity 

Limbcare UK

Limbcare UK aims to create independence for amputees through counselling, fitness, sport, dance and music. The charity also offers an education on the subject for any amputees across the country.

Tel: 0800 052 1174

Twitter @LimbcareUK

Facebook @LimbcareUK

Limb Power

Limb Power was created to engage amputees in physical activity, sport and the arts with the intention of improving  their quality of life and lifelong rehabilitation. The charity is now a National Disability Sports Organisation.

Tel: 07502 276858



Steelbones works to connect the amputees community by providing extensive proactive support networks. The charity takes these opportunities to share news on stump health, promote healthy lifestyles for amputees, and to signpost useful services.

Tel: 01223 734 000

Twitter: @SteelbonesUK

Facebook: Steel Bones UK

Reach Charity

With local branches throughout the UK, Reach aims to connect families in order to build relationships between amputees and their families. They have seen success in doing this, whether it is at their family weekends, branch meetings or on their Facebook forum.

Tel: 0845 130 6225

Twitter @ReachCharity

Facebook @ReachCharity

Additional contacts and sources of information

PACE rehab

PACE aims to provide multi-disciplinary services to individuals who have sustained limb loss, in order to optimise function, mobility, and body image.

Twitter: @PACErehab

Dorset Orthopaedics

Dorset Orthopaedics is an independent provider of prosthetic, orthotic, silicone and rehabilitation services, who pride themselves providing tailored services for each individual client.

Twitter: @DorsetOrtho

Facebook: @Dorset.ortho

Ottobock UK

A world leading manufacturer and supplier for prosthetic limbs, as well as orthotic supports and wheelchairs; all with the aim of facilitating independence.

Twitter: @Ottobockhq_eng

Facebook: Ottobockuk


Open bionics

Bionics company developing affordable, assistive devices for amputees.

Twitter: @Openbionics

Facebook: @Openbionics


London Prosthetics

With access to a wide range of prosthetic products, the London Prosthetic Centre is able to offer clients a great choice of prosthetic limbs.

Twitter: @LPCProsthetics

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