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‘The effects of an amputated limb can be devastating physically, psychologically and financially’

If you’ve had one or more limbs, or part of a limb amputated following an accident or negligent medical treatment, you’ll naturally be worried about how it will affect you and your family life. Getting the best advice about making an amputation compensation claim can make a big difference to the quality of your life, now and in the future.

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Our legal specialists have many years of experience dealing with amputation compensation claims. We understand the importance of looking to your future needs and covering all the areas that will improve your quality of life, including:

  • Helping you achieve a more independent lifestyle. Your amputation claim will involve careful assessment of your needs for adaptations to your home and specialist equipment.
  • Contacting experts to provide the best advice on your rehabilitation and long term care needs. We will put you in touch with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, case managers and prosthetists who specialise in amputation cases.
  • Making sure your compensation award provides long-term security. Find out about specialist wills, trusts and effective tax planning.

Royds Withy King has specialist solicitors who are very experienced in dealing with amputation cases.

You may have had to undergo an amputation of one or more of your limbs or fingers following a traumatic impact resulting from an accident where somebody else was to blame. This might be a road traffic accident, accident in the workplace or it might be the unfortunate result of complications arising from what was thought to be less serious injury sustained in an accident. Royds Withy King’s specialist amputation lawyers will be able to guide you through the process of making a claim for compensation when you have suffered an amputation caused by an accident that was not your fault.

Our specialist team has excellent relations with leading rehabilitation and treatment experts in this field. We will consider your individual needs and instruct the appropriate medical experts to carry out an assessment. To help you receive the best possible care and rehabilitation, we may introduce you to a specialist occupational therapist, physiotherapist, case manager and/or prosthetist. We will seek guidance from specialist care experts who will advise on the care and equipment you will need to facilitate your independence. We have strong relations with architects who are experienced in assisting with personal injury claims and ensuring your home is adapted appropriately for your long term needs.

We can secure interim payments for you whilst we handle your compensation claim to ensure you are able to enjoy a high quality rehabilitation package. We will consider whether your future needs are better suited to one lump sum compensation payment or annual periodical payments and advise you accordingly.


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I really have to say the level of service was great! Louise Hart and her team really listened and understood my needs, sometimes better than I did myself, and that was very comforting. Louise Hart is absolutely amazing, very professional and informed. She also has a great way of dealing with people, making you feel at ease. I really don’t think I would have had the same result with another firm.

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We will identify and instruct the best expert for your individual needs.    The specialist expert will consider your precise needs and will make recommendations for bespoke prosthetics for you.    This can mean that you are provided with a functional everyday prosthesis, a cosmetic prosthesis, a work prosthesis or even a prosthesis that can be used in the water.    We will request early interim payments to cover the cost of these prosthetics to enable you to test the prosthetics to ensure that they are the best option for you before your claim settles.

We will instruct a Care and Occupational Therapy Expert to identify what aids and equipment could be provided to you to enable you to return to as many pre-accident activities as possible.   We will also ask you whether you would like the support of a specialist rehabilitation service who can support you through your recovery with a multidisciplinary team approach including physiotherapy to help you regain your capabilities and confidence.

Many of our clients suffer from significant psychological effects following an amputation with a period of readjustment which can be a significant hurdle.    Many clients benefit from psychological therapy or support from a counsellor or amputation nurse.    We can request interim payments to pay for therapy which will help with psychological difficulties. Although some of our clients can be sceptical about such treatment the majority of our clients find it to be very beneficial to them.

We frequently instruct Accommodation Experts to advise upon appropriate accommodation for you.    The Accommodation Experts may become involved in identifying a new property for you or they may advise upon adaptations to your home which would assist you.    We would include a claim for any change in accommodation needs and adaptations within your claim.   Having the funds to pay for the most appropriate accommodation, care, aids and equipment and prosthetics can make a huge difference to the level of independence that you can enjoy.

We will support you with regard to your return to work whether it be returning to your pre-accident job or being retrained to undertake any new job.    We can instruct Vocational Experts to work with you in order to identify a new job that you would like to do if appropriate.   We would also ensure that consideration is given to any aids and equipment which you could be supplied with to enable a smooth transition back to work.

A claim must usually be submitted to court within three years of the date of the accident.
There are exceptions:

  • Date of knowledge;
  • Where a claim involves a child, court proceedings must be started 3 years from 18th Birthday.

The court has overriding discretion to allow court proceedings to start after the primary limitation period has passed.
If you think you have a claim, it is best not to delay. Enquiries need to be made and proceedings issued in Court within three years of the date of the accident.

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