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If you’ve suffered an accident at work you may be worried about more than your health. How will it affect your job? Or your family? How can your solicitor obtain the swiftest compensation to cover your loss of income?

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The potential for serious injury or worse can be found anywhere from construction sites and factories to shops and restaurants. Every employer has a responsibility to:

  • provide a safe system of work

  • ensure equipment is suitable and reliable

  • remove risks to health

  • train employees

Serious work accidents can be life changing for the individual and their family. They can result in complex injuries including fractures to limbs and amputation. You may face life changing spinal injuries and head injuries. Even relatively minor injuries could lead to more serious conditions, such as the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Pain. Fatal work accidents need to be handled with the utmost sensitivity.

Whatever your particular circumstances, you’ll want to find a solution that gives you the best quality of life possible, now and for the future.

With us on your side you’ll have the reassurance of working with an expert legal team that has great success in dealing with accidents at work. Our personal injury team is independently recognised and recommended as being one of the UK’s leading firms.


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I have been dealing with Royds Withy King for over a year, and, I truly have no regrets to my decision. Any time that I’ve needed to speak to Rachel Jones (my solicitor), she has always made time for me, been up front and honest with every response – to the point of cutting out any jargon, thus, letting me know exactly where I stand. I highly recommend these guys to everybody.

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Accident victims often think that their accident is just “one of those things” or that they knew the risks and took them. They may even think that they were completely or partly to blame. Take advice from a solicitor because in many cases like this employers will be held ultimately responsible because they are duty-bound to remove risks so that employees don’t have to take them.

Many people find it difficult to make a claim against their employer. This could be out of respect or fear about the consequences. If you have doubts the following points may be helpful.

• Your employer should have insurance to pay compensation to injured people.
• Whilst the claim for compensation is sent first to your employer, after that it will be dealt with by their insurance company and your solicitor.
• As an employee you have rights to prevent you from being treated unfairly or sacked.
• If you are sacked your loss of earnings might be claimed in compensation for the accident.
• Confidentiality. It is not inevitable that everyone will find out about your claim.
• Your sense of duty to your employer may be outweighed by your losses. Any loss of income can have a very serious impact on you.
• Ask yourself, would your employer make a claim if the roles were reversed?

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