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    Being injured is bad enough, without the knowledge that it’s someone else’s fault adding to your physical suffering because of the distress caused to you and your family by the accident. Our specialist personal injury solicitors can inform you on how to claim compensation for personal injuries and losses following an accident, and are proud to help many people with personal injury claims secure compensation that can go some way towards making things better.

    How we can help you make a personal injury claim

    Our personal injury solicitors specialise in dealing with all forms of personal injury, such as:

    • Accidents and illness at work
      Severe work accidents can be life-changing. You may not feel comfortable bringing a claim against your employer, however we deal with all claims with sensitivity so you can maintain your professional relationship. Find out more.
    • Animal accidents
      We are one of the leading personal injury law firms in England  & Wales for accidents involving animals, so understand the complexities of these claims. Find out more here.
    • Road traffic accidents
      If you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, the consequences can affect the rest of your life. Our personal injury claims solicitors can help you look to the future so you can have the best quality of life possible. Find out more.
    • Serious injury
      We have a team of specialist solicitors, with many years’ experience dealing with serious injuries such as spinal injury or head and brain injury. Our personal injury team can help you secure your future, or the future of someone close to you, by seeking a compensation claim on their behalf.
      Spinal injury claims | Head and brain injury claims
    • CRPS and chronic pain
      Our personal injury team includes specialist chronic pain and CRPS solicitors, here to help you seek compensation for chronic pain conditions which have developed following  an injury. Find out more here
    • Industrial diseases
      Your occupation or your workplace may have exposed you to risk of diseases such as asbestos related lung cancer or mesothelioma. We can help you find out how to claim for personal injury in this instance – Find out more here.
    • Medical negligence
      We deal with many other situations for personal injury claims helping individuals secure compensation.  We treat all claims individually with an understanding and compassionate approach.
      Find out more about medical negligence claims here.

    What happens when you contact us

    After we have received your enquiry, one of our legal experts will:

    1. be in touch to determine the facts of your situation, and confirm whether you are likely to be successful in pursuing a claim.
    2. once we have done this, our team will advise you on the next best steps.
    3. we’ll then explore the best ways of funding your case if we think you have one.

    If you need any further information on the process of making a claim, take a look at our guide on the process here.

    How much compensation can I claim?

    The amount of compensation you will receive is dependent on the injury you have suffered and your recovery, what the future holds and what losses you have incurred as a result of the accident. However, our team have a wide range of experience making claims of varying complexity, from cases worth thousands to cases worth millions of pounds

    Find out more about how compensation is calculated here.

    How long will a claim take?

    Depending on the severity of your claim, the process can take up to a number of years. However, we will work to proceed the claim as quickly as possible to get you the maximum compensation you deserve, with interim payments to help you with any rehabilitation and adaptation costs you may have.  If you think you have a claim, it is best not to delay.  Generally, enquiries need to be made and proceedings issued in Court within three years of the date of the accident.

    Find out more about the timescales of a claim here.

    How can I fund a claim for personal injury?

    We have a number of different funding options, including Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), which are more commonly known as No Win No Fee agreements. These agreements ensure that, should your case be unsuccessful, there will be no cost to you.

    Find out more about funding a personal injury claim here.

    Building a Team Around the Client

    Our personal injury solicitors create a Team Around the Client in partnership with the family and professionals including therapists, case managers and an Independent Financial Advisors. This multi-disciplinary team is focused on optimising the compensation so that it supports the client’s quality of life for his or her lifetime and empowers them to lead as independent a life as possible.

    Where you can find our personal injury solicitors

    Our personal injury solicitors act for clients across England & Wales, however we have a number of offices in which you can come and see us:

    We also have a consulting office in Bristol, which is available by appointment.

    Our credentials

    What the team is known for:Somerset-based practice that comes recommended for its focus on spinal cord and brain injuries. Also offers niche expertise in areas such as fatal accidents and animal cases. Demonstrates further skill in the area of asbestos-related diseases. Additional expertise include claims regarding chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome and amputations. Strengths: One client emphasises the team’s communication as a key strength, noting: “Everything was set out very clearly for me in an easy-to-understand and simple way. I felt relaxed and never under any pressure and as a result am satisfied with the service I received.” Another source adds: “They all have a good understanding of the psychological consequences of personal injury.” Notable practitioners: Stuart Brazington is the head of the brain injury team, practising with a particular focus on traumatic brain injury and spinal injury cases. One source describes him as “a model solicitor: careful, detailed and capable of exercising his own judgement on difficult issues.” Louise Hart leads the personal injury team and has particular expertise in amputation cases. She is described as “caring, well organised, experienced and highly effective,” with one client commenting: “She could not have provided a better service.” Senior associate Mark Hambleton has a particular focus on claims relating to sports injuries, cycling and motorcycling accidents and animal-related injuries. A client appreciates his personable approach, noting: “He’s entirely professional but also a very nice person; he has the personal touch and he understands the challenges that I may have.” Chambers 2019 Somerset

    What the team is known for:
    Outstanding personal injury practice adept at handling an impressive breadth of claims, including industrial disease cases, cycling accidents and equine matters. Notable expertise in chronic pain and fatal accidents as well as catastrophic injuries, with a focus on brain and spinal injuries. Also active on personal injury cases involving travel and foreign jurisdictions. Strengths: Clients praise the team for its “excellent communication and emotional support” as well as its “great subject knowledge and advice.” An interviewee comments: “Every decision that they’re making has the client first and foremost at the front of things in advance of anything else.” Notable practitioners: Ian Carrier is described as “a very approachable, helpful and positive professional.” He focuses on claims arising from catastrophic injury, particularly those involving spinal injuries, brain injuries or fatalities, as well as injuries abroad. A source notes: “He’s very organised and capable and nothing seems to flap him.” Tracy Norris-Evans heads the personal injury team at the firm, focusing her practice on high-value neurological and paediatric claims. She is praised for her “high standard of work from day one, great communication throughout, a brilliant desire to do what’s best for her client and top technical knowledge.” Helen Childs is an established practitioner focusing on asbestos-related claims. A source notes: “She’s fantastic. I’ve never met someone who cares about clients more; she works every hour looking after them.”
    Chambers 2018 Oxford and Surrounds

    “Royds Withy King handles claims involving, brain injury, spinal injury, chronic pain, complex regional pain syndrome and amputations. It also deals with asbestos claims and industrial disease, cycle accidents, equine and animal cases, and fatal accidents. The team is ‘outstanding’ and ‘the depth of knowledge and experience shown by all the solicitors is impressive’. Partners Stuart Brazington and Louise Hart head the team. Brazington specialises in severe brain injury and spinal cord injury cases. Hart is ‘caring, competent, well-organised and highly effective’, and focuses on amputation, complex orthopaedic injuries, facial injuries, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain, in particular Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Senior associate Mark Hambleton who is ‘punctilious in case preparation’ specialises in claims involving cycling and motorcycle accidents, defective products and animals. Recent highlights include representing a client injured at work with a circular saw, the client had part of his hand amputated, the defendant admitted liability and interim payments were agreed to fund prostheses and other treatment.”
    Legal 500 2018 South West

    “The ‘deeply knowledgeable and experienced’ personal injury practice of Royds Withy King ‘is a leader in its field’, uses a ‘forward-thinking approach’ and has gained ‘an exceptional reputation in the local area’. Its team is ‘one of the best to work with’, as ‘clients get access to a depth of lawyers across a large geographical area’ and ‘papers are handed in on time and put together very well’. The team’s areas of expertise include brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as claims regarding asbestos-related diseases, fatal accidents, chronic pain syndrome, cycling, travel and foreign accidents, and injuries involving animals. Neurological and paediatric claims partner Tracy Norris-Evans is also responsible for deputyship matters.  She heads the team together with ‘dedicated’ spinal injury lawyer Ian Carrier. In a recent highlight, Richard Brooks represented a claimant in a county court trial and appeal to the High Court concerning compensation of £1m for the memory and concentration problems he sustained while working as a stable boy and falling from a spooked horse. ‘Savvy asbestos litigation star’ Helen Childs and ‘thorough and knowledgeable’ associate Rachel James are acting for a claimant who was exposed to asbestos in the 1980s before emigrating to Australia, and was recently diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma.”
    Legal 500 2018 South East


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