Why you might want to notarise a document

‘Specialist legal help to notarise a document for you’

When a notary signs a document, they certify its authenticity, validity and truthfulness. If you need a document notarising then the Notary practising as Royds Withy King notaries is Malcolm Gregory. He is a solicitor and member in the separate practice of Royds Withy King LLP. The notarial practice and Royds Withy King LLP are independent of each other.

Before travelling to one of our office locations, we advise that you contact us to ensure the availability of a professional able to notarise your document. Please call 0800 923 2073 or email us at enquiries@roydswithyking.com

Our solicitors will not be able to certify or authenticate passports.

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Documents you might need notarising

If you’re working, studying, moving or travelling abroad, the foreign authorities might ask you to provide them with notarised documentation before you arrive. Whether an employer, educational establishment or other institution has requested documentation, we can notarise a document for you. This notary public service is provided by our trained notary and is not provided by a solicitor.

Typical documents include:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Change of name
  • International affidavits, sworn statements and depositions
  • Property documents
  • Education certificates
  • University certificates and school qualification verifications
  • Doctors’ and dentists’ examination submissions
  • Bank instruction letters
  • Certified copy documents
  • Statutory declarations
  • Certified copy passports
  • Certificates as to loss of credit cards
  • Adoption papers and verifications
  • Certificates as to residency
  • Immigration invitation support forms
  • Passport photos and true likeness certificates.

Contact us if you’d like us to notarise a document for you. Call 0800 923 2073 or emailing enquiries@roydswithyking.com.

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