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    If you or someone close to you has experienced reproductive surgery, our expert medical negligence solicitors can help you claim compensation.

    When people have issues relating to their reproductive health they place their trust in surgical procedures to resolve their issues. Thankfully such patients usually receive good care, however in the small number of cases where this goes wrong, it can have drastic and distressing effects on their lives and those of their family also.

    Royds Withy King have expertise to deal with your case professionally and sensitively and to secure compensation on your behalf. A claim is an opportunity to secure compensation for your injuries and to protect you again any future costs or care needs, as well as a way of highlighting vital patient safety lessons for medical institutions, helping to reduce further instances of substandard care for others.

    What can go wrong?

    We have acted for people in number of situations where a person has suffered long term injury following reproductive surgery negligence:

    • Total hysterectomy and subtotal hysterectomy operations (womb removal surgery) being performed negligently or unnecessarily
    • Oophorectomy (ovary removal) operations being performed negligently or unnecessarily
    • Surgical errors impacting fertility, i.e. peritonitis leading to infertility
    • Substandard treatment during pregnancy and childbirth
    • Undiagnosed fistulas
    • Undiagnosed ureter damage and blockage
    • Failed sterilisation and vasectomy procedures

    How much compensation might I expect?

    If treatment has gone wrong, we can claim the costs to put you back on track. This might include further surgery costs, private IVF treatment, loss of earnings for time of work, and damages for the pain and suffering suffered.

    The precise value of the compensation for your case will depend very much on exactly what harm you suffered and the effect it has had on your life, and whether there will be any ongoing/future impact too. No two cases are the same. We will advise you on what you can expect, tailored precisely to your needs.

    Find out more about how medical negligence compensation is calculated here.

    How long do I have to make a claim from the date of negligence?

    Normally, you will have three years from when the injury occurred to issue court proceedings, unless an agreement is reached to extend this date, though t his can be later if you did not know of the negligence until a later date. However it is always best to get in contact with a specialist solicitor as soon as possible if you are thinking of pursuing a claim.

    Find out more about limitation periods here.

    How long will a claim take to settle?

    How long it takes to settle your claim will depend on a number of factors, such as whether the defendant denies liability or not. In each and every case we work hard to ensure your case proceeds as efficiently and quickly as possible.

    Find out more about the length of the medical negligence claims process here.

    How can I fund a claim?

    We often work with clients using a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is more commonly known as a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, whereby if your case is unsuccessful you will have no fees to pay. However, we can work on the basis of other funding arrangements.

    Find out more about funding options for medical negligence claims here.

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