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    Experienced pressure sore solicitors

    ‘An approachable and experienced lawyer to investigate the treatment you received and to obtain answers on your behalf’

    Pressure sores, known as pressure ulcers, bed sores or decubitus ulcers, arise as a result of pressure or friction. They typically arise from a period of immobility, for example following surgery or illness.

    Pressure ulcers generally affect people with existing health conditions that make it difficult to move, such as those confined to lying in a bed or sitting for prolonged periods of time. Conditions that affect the flow of blood through the body, such as Type II diabetes can also make a person more vulnerable to pressure ulcers. The elderly are particularly vulnerable.

    If not managed appropriately pressure sores can deteriorate rapidly and can lead to infection in the skin or bone and other serious complications such as gangrene or blood poisoning. Pressure sores can ultimately prove to be fatal.

    The good news is that pressure sores can often be prevented or controlled through good nursing care, for example by regularly changing a person’s position to change the pressure applied to any particular body part. Special equipment, such as mattresses and cushions, can also be used to protect vulnerable parts of the body.

    A team of experts to act in your best interests in a pressure sore claim

    Our specialist team will fight on your behalf to investigate what went wrong and to seek redress for your injuries. Our team sees a claim both as an opportunity to secure yours and your family’s future, and to throw a spotlight on vital patient safety lessons for medical institutions, avoiding further instances of substandard care.

    We understand what a difficult time this is for you; we will advance your pressure sore claim with efficiency and sensitivity.

    Knowledgeable specialists

    We are experienced in representing patients who have suffered as a result of substandard treatment in relation to preventing or treating pressure sores. We can guide you through the process of bringing a claim for compensation, whilst ensuring that you get the answers you need.

    Getting you back on track

    If substandard treatment is identified then a financial award can put you back on track, for example by compensating you for your pain and suffering, to reimburse any loss of earnings you have suffered, or to pay for any additional treatment you require as a result of substandard treatment.

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