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Group B Streptococcus or “GBS” is a bacterium commonly found in approximately 25% of humans and is found usually in the human digestive system and genital tract. This organism is normally harmless and most of us don’t know we are carriers, as it does not usually have any symptoms.


The main risk factor is that it can be passed to newborn babies around birth, and for the relatively small number of babies who go on to develop Group B Strep infection, it can be very serious indeed.

Although not all babies born to mothers who carry GBS will contract the infection, for those who do it can be very serious and may lead to other serious conditions such as the development of meningitis, which then poses a risk of brain injury and more tragically, death.

The consequences of maternal Group B Strep may be avoided with the right medical treatment but sadly, we often see cases where the right steps were not taken to prevent or treat the infection. Where a baby has suffered a brain injury as a result of Group B Strep infection, some parents choose to seek compensation to be able to provide for their child’s future.

Why choose us to make a Group B Strep claim?

  • Extensive experience in dealing with Group B Strep claims
    We act for many clients where there has been either a failure to diagnose or to properly manage Group B Strep infection to help them gain compensation for the damaging effects caused. By having this experience and access to the right medical experts we can run claims more robustly and efficiently, ensuring we bring the claim to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible.
  • Funds to help give your child a better quality of life
    Compensation for this devastating infection won’t lessen the pain, but it can help relive the stress of raising a disabled child in the long term. Compensation can allow for further treatment from expert therapists or experts that will help make your home more accessible for your child. We’ll make sure all this is considered by reviewing all the future requirements to ensure a better quality of life for your child.
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
    We understand that it may not always be convenient to discuss your matter during working hours and so we can arrange to speak to you out of hours if that helps you. Visiting our offices may be difficult for you too, therefore, we’re very happy to visit clients at home for face-to-face meetings.

Our credentials

“A premier Somerset firm with experience of a broad range of high-value matters, including catastrophic birth injury claims. Routinely engaged on cerebral palsy cases and spinal injury claims, and offers expertise in weight loss surgery and dental negligence matters. Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients): “Withy King were caring and understood us. They listened to our concerns and needs, and helped in whichever way they could.” “They are incredibly organised, easy to approach and they have a very supportive team who are incredibly sympathetic.” Notable practitioners: Head of department Simon Elliman (Band 1) oversees an array of complex claims, including cerebral palsy and spinal injury matters. In addition he acts on dental negligence cases. Sources say: “He is very able and he inspires confidence through calmness.” Market observers consider Paul Rumley (Band 1) “a very approachable lawyer with vast experience on high-value and complex cases.” He handles a range of matters including birth injury claims, fatal accidents and delay in diagnosis of cancer claims.” Chambers 2017 Somerset

“Highly commended firm with an excellent reputation across a broad spectrum of clinical negligence matters. Routinely acts on catastrophic cases including brain and spinal injury claims. Also noted for its handling of matters arising from amputation, delayed diagnosis and weight loss surgery. Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients): “They’ve been amazing. They spoke to me on a level I understood. They are very understanding and compassionate and they advised me well the whole way through.” Notable practitioners: Head of department Richard Coleman (Band 1) offers vast experience of complex claims involving cerebral palsy, spinal injury and bariatric surgery, among other matters. “He is very good at negotiating settlements in difficult cases” and “doesn’t lose sight of the human aspect of it all,” assert sources.” Chambers 2017 Oxford and surrounds

“Royds Withy King is a ‘leading firm’ for catastrophic birth injury cases. Key figures include practice head Simon Elliman, who handles dental negligence, cerebral palsy and spinal injury claims; ‘first-rate solicitor’ Paul Rumley; and Kerstin Kubiak, who stands out for her ‘exceptional analysis’.” Legal 500 2016 South West 

“The ‘knowledgeable, dependable and competent’ team at Royds Withy King is led by ‘astute strategist’ Richard Coleman and includes Tracy Norris-Evans, who is ‘extremely knowledgeable and committed to her clients’.” Legal 500 2016 South East

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The way Kerstin handled my case was exemplary throughout. She showed tact and empathy at all times but particularly when discussions and questions touched on emotionally sensitive areas.
Royds Withy King client


If you think that your child has suffered an injury as a result of mis-managed Group B Strep infection, we can advise you fully of your options. As a parent you will need to act on behalf of your child in a claim. You will have until your child’s 21st birthday to bring a claim, or if they lack capacity due to a brain injury then there will be no deadline. It is usually best to bring a case as soon as possible so that all witnesses can give evidence before memories fade.

The length of time it takes to investigate a case will vary depending on the facts and complexities of an individual case. It will also depend on whether the hospital Trust involved admits liability early or fights the case. On average it takes 2-3 years to establish liability in a claim.

The damages (or compensation) claimed for will always vary between cases as each child’s injuries are unique. In general, if the child has suffered a brain injury, the level of damages can reach into the millions and will fund costs such as carers, case managers, accommodation, aids and equipment and therapies.

If your child has suffered a brain injury then The Legal Aid Agency will provide a Certificate of Public Funding (Legal Aid Certificate) to cover the costs of investigating the case. Withy King holds a franchise for medical negligence work and can organise the funding in the case for you.

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