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If you suffer from a form of cancer, early diagnosis is vital if you’re to have the best chance of survival. When initial signs are missed, the window of opportunity for early treatment can be lost, and you may be denied the best chance of returning to health. Should that be the case, we can help you put forward a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.

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Sometimes a late diagnosis can lead to a patient having to endure a more severe form of treatment than might have initially been the case. In other cases it can sadly even be fatal. Our expert medical team can help bring cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims to cover any negligence.

  • Expertise for every situation
    Your GP may not have made a referral when he or she should. Alternatively, a scan may have been misinterpreted or symptoms misunderstood. Our experience across a wide range of cancer types and cases means we know how to deal with diverse claim types.
  • Focused on your individual needs
    Whatever the nature and severity of your condition, our years of knowledge of dealing with cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims means we can offer you tailored advice and support.
  • Making the legal complexities more straightforward
    Every cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim is completely unique. So you’ll need expert help to bring a claim, as the legal arguments and medical issues are often extremely complex. We have the specialist understanding to help you every step of the way.

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You guided us when times were tough and you kept us on track when we considered giving up. We are forever grateful for what you have done

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I cannot for the life of me think of anyone else who could have dealt with my case in the way that you did. I trusted you absolutely from the start and that trust was never misplaced. There are very few people who have made a major (good) impact on my life and I can only think of three of them. You are, without a doubt, the one I shall always remember as the best.

Royds Withy King Cancer Misdiagnosis Client

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