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Sometimes negligence during medical treatment, failure to treat a patient, surgery or inappropriate medication can lead to a patient suffering a brain injury. Our dedicated team provides expert help for our clients who have suffered brain injuries; we are entirely focused on delivering a successful outcome for you and your family, enabling security and support for the future.

A brain injury may be nothing to do with the initial medical treatment that caused it, but can have a devastating impact – affecting a patient’s ability to communicate and turning their life upside down.

Some brain injuries cause temporary effects for patients who then go on to fully recover. Sadly for others, injuries can be permanently life changing and lead to severe disability.

Expert advice and support for those who have suffered a brain injury

  • Helping maintain independence
    Pursuing a brain injury compensation claim can help a disabled client enjoy a better quality of life, providing funds for their future to enable a better quality of life and freedom of choice. Most of our clients seek to be as independent as possible and wish to be enabled to live their lives to the full.
  • Carefully handled litigation
    Making a brain injury claim isn’t just stressful, it can be extremely complex too. We have the expertise and attention to detail to deal with the most challenging of cases, focusing on successful outcomes for our clients. As we understand the devastating impact a brain injury has on both the individual and their families we take a “no stone left unturned” approach in investigating cases.
  • Advice on rehabilitation
    Thanks to our expertise in making a brain injury claim, we can give you helpful and practical advice on therapies and information networks to help you and your loved ones with the rehabilitation process. We work closely with many of our local Headway groups.
I found [Paul Rumley] very knowledgeable in medical matters and was always kept up to date with proceedings in plain language. I would certainly return to Mr Paul Rumley and his firm and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others
Mrs Margaret Rogers, Bristol


Severe brain injuries subsequent to negligent medical treatment can be caused in many different ways, some examples of how injury arises are detailed below:


– Late diagnosis of meningitis causing permanent damage to brain tissue.


– Failure to diagnose and timeously treat sepsis, a delay in diagnosis can cause septicemia, the inflammatory processes themselves can cause injury to brain tissue or if a patient goes into multi organ failure there can be deprivation of oxygen to the brain causing permanent damage.


– Negligently performed brain surgery.


– Failure to properly monitor a patient under anaesthetic, resulting in hypotension and under perfusion of brain tissue.


– An over dose of medication harmful to brain tissue and/or causative of multi organ failure.


– Massive heamorrhage during surgery or related to childbirth causing severe hypotension.


– A late diagnosis of neurological cancer, including medulloblastomas


– Stroke, which may have been preventable with earlier treatment (for example minimizing the risk of a DVT clot) or the late diagnosis and management of a stroke, causing permanent brain injury.

If the proposed Claimant does not have capacity to manage their claim then a trusted friend of relative can bring a claim on their behalf. In doing so they will take on the role of a “Litigation Friend”; this means they adopt the role and responsibilities of litigation as if they were the Claimant themselves and are under a duty to act in the best interests of the Claimant. We will fully advise and support the Litigation Friend throughout.

The length of time it takes to pursue a case is difficult to estimate at the outset, but generally a complex case will take around 2-3 years in order to establish liability. A lot will depend on the actions of the Defendant and whether they admit liability early in the case or not. Once liability is established we then move on to value (or quantify) the case; this process usually takes a further 2 years to complete. If liability is admitted then interim damages can be paid to fund rehabilitation, care and aids and equipment pending settlement of the case.

Unfortunately legal aid is no longer available for Claimants who were injured after 6 weeks of age; it is only available to those who suffered a brain injury either before birth or within the first 6 weeks of life.


We advise that all insurance policies are checked for whether a legal expenses insurance policy is held, which may fund an investigation into the case.


Alternatively we can offer a “no win, no fee” agreement; we can fully advise you of all funding options without charge.

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