Wrongful birth is a legal concept whereby the parents of a child may be entitled to compensation if it can be proved that the birth of that child was unintended and brought about due to the negligence of a health provider.

The concept is controversial, given that some people believe that any child is a ‘blessing’. But the law takes the approach that if the pregnancy was not wanted, then compensation is available for:

  • The physical and emotional pain of the pregnancy and labour
  • Any loss of earnings resulting from pregnancy and childbirth
  • The additional costs of bringing up a disabled child.

In a wrongful birth claim, no compensation is available for the costs of bringing up a healthy child.

Claimants may also be entitled to recover the cost of sterilisation (if the initial procedure failed), and a payment in recognition of the loss of their right to control the size of their family.

This site tells you more about how wrongful birth may occur, the legal issues surrounding it, and what compensation you might be entitled to in a successful legal case.

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