Even Little Champions and their families require support from time to time. There are several groups and organisations that provide a forum for connecting with others and provide advice on living with a Little Champion:


SCOPE is a large charity that provides free information and advice along with support services to people with disabilities, their families and carers.

Website: scope.org.uk


Navigate is a national mentoring service that is part of SCOPE, providing online emotional support for parents and carers of children who have received a diagnosis in the last year.

Website: scope.org.uk/family-services/navigate/

Cerebral Palsy UK – Facebook Group

Cerebral Palsy UK is a private group on Facebook. It has over 6,000 members who are affected by CP in some way and is a great way of connecting with others who can share their own experiences and advice.

Somewhere to chat for parents/family/friends of children with cerebral palsy – Facebook Group

This is another private Facebook group with over 1,000 members. It was created in 2015 by a lady whose son has quadriplegic CP, severe visual impairment and global developmental delay. The group was created to encourage parents in the same situation to come and ask questions, give advice, or just have a chat.

Global Development Delay UK – Facebook Group

Global Development Delay UK is a private Facebook group with over 12,000 members. A great place for advice and support for Little Champions affected by GDD.

Group B Strep Support – Facebook Group

The Group B Strep Support Facebook group offers a safe online space where families can connect and share experiences.


Cerebra is a charity set up to provide advice to children living with a brain condition and their families. It is packed full of information on everything from toilet training to accessing public services.

Website: cerebra.org.uk

Parents Connect – Leeds

Scope offer a support service in Leeds, offering parents of disabled children the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents.

Website: scope.org.uk/family-services/parents-connect

Peeps HIE Awareness and Support

Peeps provides support to families affected by HIE. HIE stands for hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy where there is a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Peeps offer buddy support, where you can be paired up with a mum or dad who has been through a similar experience.

Website: peeps-hie.org/hie-awareness-support


Contact is a charity supporting families with disabled children by providing an advice service and family workshops.

Website: contact.org.uk

Carers UK

Carers UK provides expert information and advice to carers and helps carers to access the support they need.

Website: carersuk.org

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