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‘Think about updating a Will every few years to check it’s doing what you want it to’

Once you’ve made a Will it can be a weight off your mind, as you know you’ve done all you can to ensure your wishes are carried out. But as the years go by, your circumstances can change – sometimes quite drastically. That’s why updating a Will is so important, to make sure it reflects your latest thinking.

Reasons why you should consider updating a Will

Changes in your life, relationships and financial situation can mean that a once well-written Will no longer reflects how things currently stand. New legislation can also have an impact on any Will you’ve written in the past. As experts in Will writing, we can help you check whether your Will still reflects your wishes and lifestyle, and can suggest quick and cost-effective ways to keep it up to date.

  • If relationships change
    From a new birth, to a marriage or a divorce, your family situation may well have changed since you wrote your Will. If your Will is out of date, it may lead to later legal complications for your loved ones. We can help avoid that by making it current.
  • Changes in your financial situation
    You’ve worked hard for your money. If you’ve become wealthier since you wrote your Will, we can help you make sure your additional assets are properly taken into account. We may also be able to make sure your Will is sufficiently tax efficient to save your loved ones an Inheritance Tax burden in the future.
  • Changes in legislation
    If you already have a Will in place, you need to make sure it’s still in line with current legislation – for example changes in the rules on Inheritance Tax. We keep abreast of all legislation affecting Wills, and can help you make sure everything is in line with the latest tax and inheritance law.

We recommend reviewing your Will regularly, for instance every five years. If you need to update it or give it a complete overhaul – or haven’t yet written a Will at all – we’re here to help.

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