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From a fixed fee Will to more specialist options

‘Our specialist knowledge means we can keep the cost of writing a Will down’

Making a Will helps you protect the assets you’ve worked hard for, and make sure your wishes are taken care of. However, it needn’t be complicated or time-consuming. With a fixed fee Will, we can help you put everything in place quickly – and keep the cost of writing a Will to a minimum.

Creating the Will that’s right for you

We take the time to understand your circumstances fully and talk through how you want your estate to be divided. We’ll also assess the various tax angles to make sure you’re making the most of Inheritance Tax allowances and other tax benefits.

  • Our fixed fee Will service
    If your Will is straightforward, we’ll recommend our fixed fee Will service. It’s fast and simple – and can keep the cost of writing a Will down.
  • Drawing up a specialist Will
    Your circumstances may demand a Will that’s unique to you. Personal relationships, marriages and children, second marriages, business partnerships and property issues can sometimes mean that a Will needs to be more complex. We can advise on all the options and make sure your Will meets your exact requirements.
  • Advice on every aspect of planning ahead
    Our specialist team can help create a tailored estate planning solution for you, taking into account everything from trusts to tax planning. We can also give you advice if you’re living outside the UK. Whatever your circumstances, we’re always happy to have a no-obligation initial discussion about them.

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