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If you’ve lost a loved one it can be an emotional and difficult time. The last thing you’ll want is to add to the stress with disagreements over their Will. We can help smooth the waters should any trust disputes or inheritance disputes arise, working towards a satisfactory solution for you and for other family members.

A specialist Inheritance and Trust disputes team

Perhaps you haven’t received what you were expecting from a Will, or you are worried because no Will was ever made. You may also be concerned about how your relative’s affairs are being dealt with following their death. Our specialist Inheritance and Trust disputes team can provide practical solutions to achieve the best results quickly and cost effectively.

  • Sensitivity at all times
    At this difficult time, the last thing you need is a long and expensive dispute that could end up with family members losing out on their potential inheritance. We work to avoid this, encouraging negotiation between parties to speed up the process and move to a conclusion.
  • Contesting or defending a Will
    There may be many reasons why you want to contest the Will of a family member. Perhaps you’re not sure that the Will is valid, or you feel that your relative was influenced by someone else when they were drawing it up. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll take the time to make sure we understand your concerns, then work towards resolving them. Find out more about contesting and defending a Will.
  • Making a claim against a Will
    You may think you’ve been left out of a Will, or not had a fair share from it. Our inheritance disputes experts can help you make a claim for ‘reasonable financial provision’. We can also help you claim for rights to land and property, for instance if you’ve not received a share in a property that you feel you’re entitled to.
  • Administration disputes
    The process of dealing with someone’s estate can be a complex one – and you may feel that the person in charge is not doing their duties effectively. We can help you make sure everything is taken care of correctly – find out more about how we can resolve trust and estate administration disputes.

You’ll want to know all the facts before taking steps to contest or defend a Will. We’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions that should help you decide your next steps.

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Amanda Noyce handled a difficult disagreement with some members of my family over a disputed probate. She has provided support, advice, and action which I can only describe as excellent, and beyond any of my expectations. One of her major qualities is her ability to give one confidence when this is in short supply. I was fortunate indeed that my problems came under the care of Mrs Noyce and I am very grateful to her. Certainly, she is the very best solicitor that I have had and it has been a pleasure to work with her throughout. Five star rating!

Fred Hatcher, Chippenham

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