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The pre-nuptial agreement – ideally something you can sign and forget

‘A pre-nuptial agreement will help you feel more secure in your relationship, come what may’

Romance is a beautiful thing, but if it takes the place of practicality then you could live to regret it. Of course it’s hard to think about your relationship failing when it’s only just begun, but if you’re not protected with a pre-nuptial agreement before you tie the knot, the effect could be devastating.

I want security, but what is a ‘pre-nup’?

It’s a sad reality that more than one in three marriages ends in divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement can be a simple, but effective way to safeguard your future interests. These agreements can substantially help agreeing the terms of a divorce if your relationship breaks down.

A ‘pre-nup’, or pre-nuptial agreement, must be made before you get married and can set out the basis for dividing your jointly owned assets (property, investments, pensions etc…). It can also agree what type of maintenance may be paid in the event of a divorce. The agreement may also set out different conditions for dividing your assets depending on the reasons for a divorce.

Our specialist team can answer your questions on what is a ‘pre-nup’ and how a pre-nuptial agreement works, its aims and potential pitfalls.

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At a very difficult and stressful time, Sharon quickly made me feel at ease with her knowledge, reassurance and friendly, proactive outlook. I would have easily been persuaded to continue an impossible and damaging situation if it had not been for her help, advice and constant support.

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