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Helping you settle your finances in divorce

‘Our specialist lawyers can help you receive what you’re entitled to in a divorce’

If you’re going through a divorce, whether you’re a parent at home with a young child, a company director in a family business or have a less complicated situation, your dilemma is still the same: how will the divorce affect me financially? In divorce, division of assets can be a stressful process but our practical legal advice can help.

Tailored advice for divorce division of assets

There are many different areas to think about when separating your finances in divorce. Our experienced team can help you through this difficult time with their specialist advice on divorce division of assets. Some of the issues to consider are:

  • Settling finances and financial disputes
    Faced with relationship breakdown most people feel powerless to resolve the problems it causes. How do you secure a fair financial settlement? Find out more.
  • Maintenance payments
    We’ll invest the time to understand your unique personal circumstances so that together we can explore the best strategy to find a solution that fits your needs. Find out more about maintenance payments.
  • Family home in divorce
    The family home is such an important part of your life together, but what happens to this in divorce? We can help you find the best solution for your family’s needs. Find out more.
  • Pensions in divorce
    Your pension could well be the most valuable asset in your marriage. We work closely with pension actuaries to make sure you receive what you deserve in the final pension split so you can start to plan your future life. Find out more about pensions in divorce.

You can also find further information about separating your finances in divorce in our factsheets:

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At a very difficult and stressful time, Sharon quickly made me feel at ease with her knowledge, reassurance and friendly, proactive outlook. I would have easily been persuaded to continue an impossible and damaging situation if it had not been for her help, advice and constant support.

Mandy McEvoy

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