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Resolving issues with family mediation services

‘More often than not family differences can be settled without resorting to complex and expensive court proceedings’

The court can be an expensive and stressful way to work out your differences. Often, individuals feel that they have lost control of the whole process and even the result. Our family mediation services help families resolve issues face-to-face – bypassing the formality and complexity of the court system usually at a cost considerably lower than that of going to court.

Experienced family mediators

We believe it’s almost always best to keep a family dispute out of the courts. Our experienced family mediators can help you come to a joint decision about the best solutions for you and your family. Your respective solicitors can then make your proposals legally binding if that’s what you prefer.

You can discuss all family related concerns at mediation sessions including issues concerning your children, finances and anything else arising from the breakdown of a relationship.

Family mediation services aren’t right for everyone, but we can discuss alternatives if we don’t think they’re for you.

What do mediators do?

Our family mediators are qualified specialists who:

  • manage your mediation sessions
  • act as an impartial third party to help you reach a solution acceptable to both individuals
  • create an environment where you can have safe discussions
  • make sure that both of you have the opportunity to speak and to be heard
  • reality test options being discussed
  • present you with useful information relevant to the issues being considered.

Choosing our family mediation services helps you keep control of the process. You decide when you meet and how many meetings you need. You choose the pace. What’s more, a more relaxed environment can reduce tensions and often help preserve relationships – particularly beneficial if you have children.

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Solicitor referral forms

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At a very difficult and stressful time, Sharon quickly made me feel at ease with her knowledge, reassurance and friendly, proactive outlook. I would have easily been persuaded to continue an impossible and damaging situation if it had not been for her help, advice and constant support.

Mandy McEvoy

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