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Building security with a cohabitation agreement

‘While everyone hopes their loving partnership will last forever, experience unfortunately tells us otherwise’

It’s a myth that a ‘common law’ wife or husband exists in the UK. If fact, there is no such concept in English law. This means that the law relating to people who live together is different to those who are married. Your actual cohabitation rights could be quite unlike what you think they may be. This can lead to confusion and worry if the relationship should fail.

A cohabitation agreement drawn up by our expert team is one way of securing your future if you and your partner go your separate ways.

Helping you understand your cohabitation rights

Whether you are moving in with a new partner and want to make sure you’re prepared for the future, or you’re at the end of a relationship and trying to ease the process of moving apart, it essential to understand your cohabitation rights.

  • Cohabitation agreements
    Ideally you’ll have a cohabitation agreement in place when you move in together as a couple. It sets out the terms on which you will live together regarding income, property, belongings or children. It can be straightforward to draw up and may protect your long-term interests. Find out more.
  • Separating after cohabiting
    As couples that live together do not have the same law applied to them as a married couple, it is important to get specialist advice about the financial consequences of separating from your partner.

You can find out more about cohabitation in our factsheet which will tell you about claiming maintenance, dividing property and inheriting on death.

Contact us now to speak to our experienced solicitors about your cohabitation rights and drawing up an agreement that works for both of you.

Jon Toogood [was] very professional, but with lots of support and empathy too. I felt in very safe hands throughout an extremely difficult and traumatic divorce.

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