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The key areas that our team of specialist Family lawyers are able to help you with are listed below:

Separation and divorce

Separating and divorcing can be a legally complex process. All the financial assets to divide, as well as property and responsibilities involving children. Furthermore it can be exceptionally stressful time for all involved. Luckily, here at Royds Withy King we have an extensive amount of experience in dealing with divorce law, and will always fight for what is best for you, and what you want to get out of the situation. Find out more.

Family mediation

A forward-looking alternative to the courtroom. It gives you the opportunity to resolve issues together in an informal setting with the help of a specially trained mediator. Find out more. Find out more.

Finances in separation

If your relationship breaks down there are many issues to think about. How you will cope financially is often people’s greatest concern. Our specialist team of solicitors will look at the whole financial picture including the family home, maintenance and pensions to help you reach the best possible outcome for you so you can start to plan your future. Find out more about the financial consequences of a relationship breakdown. Find out more.

Arrangements for children

Our children law solicitors have many years’ experience of providing child contact advice, also known as child access advice, and successfully help parents to avoid unnecessary court action. Find out more.

These are just some of the ways in which we can provide family legal advice. Whatever your individual situation involves we have an experienced team of family solicitors on hand to support and guide you.

So if you’re in need of family law advice, then make sure that you get in contact with us today. Find out more.

Prenuptial agreements

A prenuptial agreement, or ‘Pre-nup’ is a quick and efficient way of protecting any assets that were acquired before the marriage. They are agreed upon just in case the relationship ends, and are designed to create peace of mind, and help both parties move forward and enjoy their futures together. A pre-nup agreement does not have to be a complicated process, and we have experience in writing these up quickly. Find out more.

Cohabitation agreements

Couples choosing to live together outside of marriage is becoming increasingly common, however it is important to understand that cohabitation does not provide the same level of legal protection. If for example there are disagreements around financial assets or children, a legally binding cohabitation agreement can help keep the peace if the relationship ends. Find out more.

Domestic violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence then we have the skills to immediately help you get away from an abusive situation, as well as protecting any other people, such as children, who may also be at risk. Do not hesitate to contact us today and we can begin to help you free yourself from domestic violence. Find out more.


Sometimes it is necessary to protect information or even finances from someone who may be trying to access it for their own gain, or pass it on to someone else. You may feel that the only way to protect yourself or your loved ones is to apply for an injunction. Contact us today for help with protecting or freezing your assets. Find out more. 

Help with funding

When you are in a stressful situation involving family law, you should not have to worry about funding and how to pay for legal fees. We have many different options available to help you quickly resolve your situation, bring stability back to your life and manage payments in an affordable, manageable way. Find out more.

International family law

When family disputes span international borders the legal processes can become very complex. Fortunately here at Royds Withy King we have a team of family law solicitors who are experts in international family law. We are connected to lawyers around the globe and have proven experience in dealing with complex legal issues for families in many different countries and continents. Find out more.

The Family team's credentials

What the team is known for: Highly experienced at taking on financial remedy cases. Focuses on settling issues through collaboration or mediation where possible, and through litigation if necessary. Active representing guardians in public law care proceedings. Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients): “They are highly skilled and committed professionals who work incredibly hard and diligently for their clients.” “They provided an excellent service in a very straightforward and non-technical way.” Notable practitioners: Richard Ellis (Band 2) enjoys a strong reputation for his public children expertise, and is also skilled at taking on matrimonial finance cases. He is hailed by one commentator as “phenomenally good and a great advocate.” Sharon MacDonald (Band 3) frequently represents high net worth clients on alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as mediation and collaborative law, associated with complicated finance matters. One client reports: “She was very thorough – all the paperwork was correct down to the minutest detail. She obtained a wonderful result for me.” Jon Toogood (Eminent Practitioner) handles matrimonial finance issues in the context of divorce cases, and is a skilled arbitrator and collaborative lawyer. One client praises his “excellent technical knowledge, very good commercial awareness and very good bedside manner.” Katherine Lauder is a Recognised Practitioner.” Chambers 2017 South West

“What the team is known for: Well-known team in the Oxford market, with substantial experience in divorce and financial remedy matters involving complex assets. Also advises on public law children cases, including those involving allegations of non-accidental injury. Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients): “A really good outfit, and universally likeable.” Notable practitioners: Mark Phillips (Band 3) is experienced advising in divorce and financial remedy matters, especially those involving complex assets such as pensions and business interests. One source says of him: “He is very intellectually able, and has a pleasant, persuasive way about him.” Head of the Oxfordshire family team Simon Bassett (Band 3) is particularly active in matrimonial finance cases. One source reports: “I’ve been really impressed with his ability to think creatively around the financial cases, and to look for solutions that aren’t obvious.”” Chambers 2017 Oxford and Surrounds

“Royds Withy King is ‘one of Bath’s leading family law firms’ for collaborative law and mediation, and department head Richard Ellis has ‘a fantastic reputation’ in care proceedings. Also recommended are Sharon MacDonald and Jon Toogood, and newly promoted senior associates Katherine Lauder and Rebecca Stevens.” Legal 500 2016 South West

Simon Bassett is ‘a consistent high performer, particularly in matrimonial finance’. Legal 500 2016 South East

Simon, now that both my divorce and financial settlement have been finalised,  I thought I’d write to thank you for your help and advice. Although I had an understanding of how things would most likely proceed and unfold, it was important to me for all involved, in particular my children, that every aspect was properly considered. Your calm outlook, and professional and experienced advice, gave me confidence: knowing that by simply being patient, reasonable and keeping communication between all concerned as open as possible, the right outcome for all would be achieved. Thanks again.

Mr S, Client of Simon Bassett

At a very difficult and stressful time, Sharon quickly made me feel at ease with her knowledge, reassurance and friendly, proactive outlook. I would have easily been persuaded to continue an impossible and damaging situation if it had not been for her help, advice and constant support.

Mandy McEvoy

I received an excellent service from my solicitor [Katherine Lauder] and her team who were consistently professional and approachable. In a long and complex case such as mine it was a huge advantage to have a solicitor I could rely upon.

Royds Withy King client

Rebecca Stevens certainly went the extra mile in dealing with the case and a true ambassador to Royds Withy King.

Simon Last

Jon Toogood [was] very professional, but with lots of support and empathy too. I felt in very safe hands throughout an extremely difficult and traumatic divorce.

Royds Withy King client

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