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‘Our aim is to help you avoid the expense, stress and emotional upheaval of the court process’

While relationship breakdowns are an increasingly common fact of life, it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. Emotions run high, which can sometimes cloud your thinking. That’s why it’s invaluable to have the support of family law solicitors who offer calm, professional advice, helping you look after your interests in the long term.

All the family law advice you need, under one roof

Our aim is to help you find a solution that avoids the expense, stress and emotional upheaval of the court process. Our family law solicitors take the time to understand your personal family law claim and work out effective ways to get the result you want. Ideally, we’ll achieve this through co-operation between both parties. We apply this approach to family legal advice in all areas of family law, for instance:

  • Collaborative law
    You and your partner talk through your problems face to face to reach an agreement yourselves – rather than the court make a decision that’s then imposed on you. Find out more.
  • Family mediation
    A forward-looking alternative to the courtroom. It gives you the opportunity to resolve issues together in an informal setting with the help of a specially trained mediator. Find out more.
  • Finances in divorce
    If your relationship breaks down there are many issues to think about. How you will cope financially is often people’s greatest worry. Our specialist team of divorce solicitors will look at the whole financial picture including the family home, maintenance and pensions to help you receive what you deserve, so you can start to plan your future. Find out more about the financial consequences of divorce.
  • Arrangements for children
    Our child custody solicitors, now known as child residence, have many years’ experience of providing child contact advice, also known as child access advice, and successfully help parents to avoid unnecessary court action. Find out more.

These are just some of the ways that we can provide family legal advice. Whatever your individual situation involves – from child support to domestic violence – we have an experienced team of family law solicitors on hand to support and guide you towards the result you want, whether that’s compensation or a happy resolution.

So if you’re in need of family law advice, then make sure that you get in contact with us today.

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At a very difficult and stressful time, Sharon quickly made me feel at ease with her knowledge, reassurance and friendly, proactive outlook. I would have easily been persuaded to continue an impossible and damaging situation if it had not been for her help, advice and constant support.

Mandy McEvoy

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